Colorado Springs – After Pittsburgh Shooting, Gun Shop Owner Offers Rabbis Free Weapons


    Mel Bernstein, the owner of Dragon Arms storeColorado Springs – Following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting last Saturday, numerous people and organizations have stepped up to raise funds and offer assistance to the families of the victims.

    A Colorado Gun shop is offering a different type of support. Mel Bernstein, the owner of Dragon Arms store, is offering to give rabbis a free AR-15 or a handgun. He’ll also include training and ammunition.

    News5 Colorado is reporting Bernstein made the comparison of an active shooting to a fire. He said if a fire broke out, you’d reach for a fire extinguisher to keep people safe, and by his reasoning, you should be able to reach for a weapon during an active shooting.

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    1. So he is saying that since it would be Pekuach Nefesh with an active shooter, one could use an available gun on Shabbos or Yom Tov, just like a fire extinguisher could be used. Does anyone know if there are any puskim who have discussed this?

    2. I’ll be carrying my Glock 40cal this shabbos, like I do every other day of the week.Locked & Loaded. Hopefully i will never have to use it, but if someone tries to attack in my shul they will meet with armed resistance. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER EVER AGAIN!


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