Brooklyn, NY – “Kill All Jews” Graffiti Suspect, Responsible For Other Synagogue Fires, Arrested, Intern For Former City Council Speaker


    James Polite is seen marking the Union Temple Synagogue in Brooklyn with 'Kill All Jews' Brooklyn, NY – Police have made an arrest after disturbing messages of hate were found inside a Brooklyn synagogue Thursday evening, the latest in a string of anti-Semitic incidents across the nation.

    James Polite, 26, is charged with four counts of criminal mischief as a hate crime and making graffiti.

    Police said Saturday that Polite, had also recently set a string of fires — including in the closet of Yeshiva Beth Hillel of Williamsburg, and smaller blazes in the trash outside three other nearby Jewish institutions.

    Graffiti inside the Union Temple on Eastern Parkway in Prospect Heights read “Kill all Jews” and “Hitler,” along with some other horribly offensive language.

    Former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn confirmed Saturday that Polite was her intern.

    “I know this young man, and along with many others in the New York City Council and social services agencies throughout the city, have done everything I could over the years to help him” as he cycled in and out of homelessness and the foster care and mental health systems, she said in a statement posted to Twitter. “I am simply and utterly devastated.”

    Quinn called the defacement — which rattled worshipers just five days after 11 people were shot dead in an attack at a synagogue in Pittsburgh — “a vile expression of bigotry and anti-Semitism” and “indefensible.”

    A “Get out the Vote” event at Union Temple hosted by Broad City actress Ilana Glazer was canceled as a result of the hateful graffiti.

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio attended Shabbat services at the temple Friday night as a show of solidarity.

    After the service, he told journalists the incident was a horrible act of hate and “deeply disturbing to all New Yorkers.”

    “But it is particularly painful for members of the Jewish community who feel very vulnerable right now, who feel under attack,” de Blasio said.

    Polite was taken after his arrest to a hospital for evaluation, Lt. Paul Ng said. The suspect has not appeared in court.
    Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks to the media before delivering remarks at Union Temple of Brooklyn on Friday, November 2, 2018. Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office
    Surveillance Below shows the suspect setting blazes near a shul in Williamsburg.

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      • We had 8 years a Muslim President. We were safe. 2 years of Trump and we have a MAGA Bomber, Pittsburgh Massacre with Trump pictures all over his van and himself at Trump rallyes and now Brooklyn. Hashem Yerachem

        • You were safe under Obama? These attacks were carried out by Muslims on US soil:
          Dec. 2, 2015, attack in San Bernardino, in which a radicalized married couple killed 14 people and wounded 22;
          Nov. 5, 2009, shooting at Foot Hood in Texas in which a radicalized U.S. Army major killed 13 people and wounded 32 others
          April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon bombings, which killed two and wounded 132.
          December 25, 2009 Detroit, Michigan, United States, as the plane was approaching the destination, a would-be suicide bomber, identified as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian national, on board of Northwest Flight 253 from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
          I am not saying Trump is better, but please know the facts before making such claims. In fact, since Trump is president there were no attacks by foreigners.

      • He is not a white supremacist. For start he is not white. White supremacist don’t do arson. They have machine guns and were training for years how to Massacre Jews. They voted for a sympathizer and now they think they are in power. Pittsburgh Massacre? MAGA Bomber? One week and you forgot? Say no to MAGA. NEVER AGAIN is our motto.

        • Yup and Muslims have bombs and chemicals . They voted for Obama .

          Only a few ? Very true . But the same is with Trump. It was a few out of 44 million .

          Don’t forget more Jews died from Muslims even in the USA , in tne 21st century more than any other group .

          And I won’t even discuss tne frum Jew gunned down in Chicago a few weeks ago . Was that by a Nazis ? Isn’t Chicago one of your lovely sanctuary cities ?
          How about tne yid ran over by a Muslim in bp? Bh it was only a bruise but we all know cars can be deadly weapons .

          Don’t see your lovely sanctuary cities as safer . Since you really feel safe though I think you should move into one of tne inner cities . Maybe you should move to Brownsville or Camden nj? Nice safe places. For a fine Jew like you

    1. Never mind to #2. He looks like a fine gentelman ,looks fit in 10 years from now to run for president of United States of America. He has all qualifications to run as a democratic candidate.

        • Idiot the Potus grandparents came from Germany 50 years before the holocaust . With your logic almost anyone from Europe is German bec they all migrated from there .

          Such utter stupidity . You don’t even make sense

      • We had a Scwartze for 8 years and no progroms or any other mass killings of Jews. 19 months of this White Christian who was elected by the Neo-Nazis and we we have the first Massacre of Yiden in the Entire History of the United States of America. Vote Democrat to send this Nazis back to the woods where they were hiding for the last 100 years. I am not saying that Trump is a Nazi, the Nazis saying that he is , thats why they elected him.

        • Wait but this graffiti happened in your lovely sanctuary city . I thought we are safe in NYC ? Only s Dakota is dangerous ? That’s what you always said .

          Under trump the fake news emboldened haters so that they can discredit trump . Sometimes it’s a Nazis and sometimes a black .

          FYI not too many blacks fought in the army during World War Two let alone liberate auschwitz. Not sure where you make these things up

          • “Sometimes the Nazis sometimes the blacks” The Nazis were killing us the Blacks were liberating us.” There is no record in USA History of a premeditated Massacre in a Shul before Trump and his Neo-Nazi follower came into power 2 years ago. Nazis only. Not the Blacks,Not the Indians,Not the Mexicans, only the MAGA NAZIS the very fine people.

            • A pre mediated massacre in the twin towers is better than in a shul?

              A pre meidated attempeted massacre in the streets of BP is that better?

              A non pre mediated massacre but simply enabling hooligans to go on pogroms in crown heights is better? I’ll use your line. Was Kristalnacht pre mediated?

              You think pre mediated muslim muderers in Paris can’t reach us in the USA? In paris they pre mediated a yiddisha supermarket on erev shabbos. Oy it wasn’t a shul? Or that was only paris? they would never do that in the USA? They only pre meidated 9/11 but they would never premeditate another paris like attack?

              Again not saying nazis are safe. they should be labeled as a terror organization. but we need to worry about muslims too,

            • Ummmmm….. Here’s another on record:

              4 men are convicted in NY synagogue-bombing plot

              NEW YORK (AP) — Four men snared in an FBI terrorism sting have been convicted in a plot to blow up New York City synagogues and shoot down military planes.

              A jury reached the verdict Monday in federal court in Manhattan after deliberating for more than a week

              This is May 21, 2009.

              Now let’s see, who was president then? Ummmmm……..

              B”H it just never went down.

      • All the frumme yiden support this African Americans by living in NY, NJ, California Chicago etc. Obama got 100% of electors from this States. Let me repeat to understand this. Every single person who voted in 2008 and 20016 in Brooklyn,Lakewood, Monsey, Monroe,5 Town,NJ,Chicago,Los Angeles,(99% of Frumme Yiden) the vote was given to Obama by the Electors you like it or not. If you really want to vote for a Republican President you would have to move to No Dakota, Nebraska, Louisiana, Montana and other racist States. Dont vorry there are very few Black Africans in those States. They dont like Blacks (and Jews)

    2. There are reports that this fine young man is being considered a suspect in multiple arson attempts at yeshivas and other Jewish institutions.

    3. “” As he cycled in and out of homelessness and the foster care and mental health systems,” ….As usual ,always the same excuse ,for acting like an animal !!!

    4. it is coming out that Quinn and others helped bend rules in many ways to help this pothead. it is time to drain the swamp and ask for a reckoning of special funds made available to him.
      My daughter, in a masters program, can’t get a decent summer or part time job. At the same time I read things like this and about a NYC program that hires and pays convicted gang members to coach kids to avoid gangs.
      A crime free person can NOT apply, these well paying jobs are only given to criminals or those with a criminal background.

      • “My daughter, in a master program,can’t get a decent summer or part time job” Exactly. The Real Unemployment rate is 14.7% No matter what Trump is trying to tell you. All politicians are liers. Just check the labor participation rate.

        • I checked it out and don’t buy your real unemployment Torah . I I have two friends who were just laid off and found new jobs before the old job even terminated.

          My company a large fortune 100. Financial firm is hiring left and right . They can’t fill open positions

          My heart goes out to your daughter and I hope she finds soon .

          I should note for those choosing to attend college that not every degree is worth it’s paper . Before you shell out big cash make sure it’s a degree in something that’s easy to get a job in . Make sure others who obtained that degree from that same school got jobs .

    5. To 9, 10, 10?, 11, & 12; you are either an idiot, or a moron (there is a difference). Anyone delusional enough to think that the Democrats are better for Yidden than Trump has got to have as negative IQ.

      • 9’10’11’12 explained many different reasons why the Democrats are better for Yiden than the Republicans. You are not disputing even one of them. Does that mean you agree? stikeh kohajdoe. If Moron etc is best argument you had on all his reasoning You are explaining Hillarys Deplorable remark.

        • Democrats are better for Yidden? You are living in fantasyland. Let’s look at the facts. (1) The Democratic National Committee elected Keith Ellison as its number 2 man. The vote was close. He was almost elected Chair of the DNC. The Anti-Defamation League issued a report before the DNC vote documenting that he was an anti-Semite with close ties to Farrakhan. The DNC, which obviously didn’t care that he was an anti-Semite elected him anyway (2) The Virginia Democratic Party nominated an anti-Semite to run for Congress. Not a single Democrat denounced him. Contrast this to the Republican National Committee, which denounced anti-Semites running as Republicans (3) On Israel – A recent Gallup poll showed that most Democrats were more sympathetic to Palestinians than Israel and the majority of Democrats age 18-35 were anti-Israel. The same poll showed 85% of Republicans were pro-Israel (4) When Ocasio-Cortez beat Joe Crowley and accused Israel of massacring Palestinians, not one Democrat denounced her. The Democratic Party supports her and its national Chairman, Perez, called her “the future of the Democratic Party”
          If you don’t realize who our friends are, your head is in the sand

    6. Under your great messiah the obamanation Jews were attacked and harassed by Democrat leftist anti Israel scum for some reason you morons support the most anti Israel president in recent history who never lost an opportunity to side with Israel’s enemies be it Iran or the palestinians democrats scum are anti religious freedom they and their non drum Jewish supporters support Israel’s enemies and are anti drum supporting the forcing of the religious to support gay marriage and abortion on demand only Democrat scum attacked Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital and moving the embassy there including Jews the democrats are the ones who support the anti Israel activists the anti Israel bds crowd the anti Israel BLM crowd the anti Israel Antifa terrorists democrats hate religion but you morons worship the democrats no matter how anti Israel they are or how anti religious they are it was democrats who are all for forcing drum Jews and other religious people to support gay marriage including baking cakes for their weddings photographing their weddings catering their wedding etc its leftists who are anti milah and anti shechita
      It’s only democrats who are all for the Iran deal giving Iran billions of dollars to fund the murder of Jews in Israel and to build up its military to attack israel and an eventual path to nuclear weapons
      To the moron who goes on about all our voted going to the obamanation well all the Left is Democrat morons like you all your votes went to Trump as he one and is president and your candidate the machashefa hag joins a long line of loser democrats


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