Brooklyn, NY – NYPD Investigating As Pipe Thrown Through Williamsburg Synagogue Window


    Brooklyn, NY – With Jewish communities throughout the United States already on edge after last week’s massacre in Pittsburgh, congregants at a Bedford-Stuyvestant synagogue had the sanctity of their prayers shattered as a metal pipe was thrown through a window while they davened Mincha this past Shabbos afternoon.

    Police said that the incident took place at 5:40 PM at 154 Franklin Avenue. Video surveillance footage released by Williamsburg Shomrim shows a group of six teens, one of whom was holding a length of metal pipe, walking up to the wrought iron fence next to the synagogue.

    As the group stood for there for approximately ten seconds, the youth holding the pipe raises it and pulls his arm back to throw the pipe, but then lowered his arm before handing the pipe off to a second teen who hurled it through a synagogue window without any hesitation, with the entire group fleeing, heading south on Franklin Avenue.

    Police estimated the damage to the synagogue at approximately $200 and said that the investigation into the incident, which has been categorized as a criminal mischief complaint, is ongoing.

    The Bedford-Stuyvestant synagogue was not the first to be targeted in New York following the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh where 11 Jews died.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, an intern for former City Council speaker Christine Quinn was arrested this weekend for setting fires in and around four Jewish institutions and for scrawling hate messages including “Kill all Jews” in a Prospect Heights synagogue, forcing the cancellation of a planned pre-election event.

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    1. Satmar is moving further and further into formally African American areas and are the owners of much of the gentrifying properties pushing out long time African americans. since satmar hates Israel I guess they will see Kiryas Joel as the promised land.

    2. Of course its a hate crime. THey only broke the window because they are Jews Shame how jews marched with MLK to protest racism, vote Democratic 80% of the time to show Tzedakah to poor and oppressed and get rewarded with Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, et al calling us Hymietown, landlords, termites, gutter religion , etc. Recent attacks on Jews by Blacks in Crown Heights, Black teenagers drawing swastikas and “kill the Jews”,etc. Where are the Black community leaders, Reverends, Hollywood figures in denouncing this??
      As for these teens, just go to the local schools with the video . SOmeone will recognize the bright orange shirts.

    3. To #5- Do you read about Jews destroying Black churches, you fool! I stand by my original remarks; if you don’t like them, tough! Incidentally, the term “racist”
      has been used so often, that it is meaningless.


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