New York – Democrats Wrest Control Of NY State Senate From Republicans


    New York – Democrats are claiming control of the New York State Senate, with several seats now leaning toward the party’s candidates.

    In a statement late Tuesday night, Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said while the results of some elections are still being determined, “at least 32 Senate Democratic Conference members have already won election tonight.” Elections have not yet been called in many races, but Democrats say they could have as many as 39 seats, several more than the minimum needed to rule the chamber.

    “While tonight’s results are disappointing, the Senate Republican Conference will continue to be a strong and important voice in Albany,” Republican Senate Leader John Flanagan said. “When we need to push back, we will push back. And where we can find common ground, we will always seek it.”

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    1. Anyone who still believes that frumme yiden vote Republican this was a rude awakening. Brooklyn where the majority of frumme live, Williamsburg, Boro Park, Flatbush etc did not get a single Republican elected for any office. The same with other county’s like Monsey , 5 towns etc. In fact the NY,NJ Metropolitan area where Most Frumme Yiden live in the USA all voted Democrat as predicted.

      • You are a fool . Firstly in Lakewood republicans won . Debunks your nonsense theory

        Second the dynamics in NYC is that there is no infrastructure for republicans. In essence felder is republican . Yes he is a dem on paper but he cacuses with republicans for a reason . It’s bec they represent our values . They are the ones who got us rights against moster when felder stayed till almost the Seder last yr erev pesach .

        Plus look at the numbers at the polls . You’ll see on large levels such as senate or president over 80% vote republicans. That’s the facts . It’s just not enough state wide

        • Lakewood is a huge White Trash district, Just ask anyone who lives in Toms Tiver, Jackson etc. Yiden are maybe 5 %. Just walk in to Wall Mart or Shop Rite, Loews, etc you will see that Yiden are 1 out of 100.

        • OK I stand corrected. Out of 100 of the Largest Yeshivas in the USA 99 District voted Democrat. 99:1 If this makes you feel better its not 100% ( Most of the time 100% is not correct) Its only 99% It does not mean that 99% of frumme yiden voted for a democrat but its close. More like 80% Just remember the facts. Most of the frumme are Huge Families (Keyn ayin hore) and they live on some kind of public assistance. I would say at least 90% of Frumme kinderlach (Including lakewood) from Brooklyn to Monsey are on Single Payer State Health Insurance, Obamacare or State Health Ins what are clear Democratic Achievements. They know why and for whom to vote. Taevo Smajave is not going to pay for Ear Infections beside we live in Chutz Looretz so its none of our business how the goyim run the govt as long it benefits us. If you find another Yeshiva who voted for the Republicans please let me know and I will correct my 99:1 accordingly. In the meantime continue to enjoy all the benefits the Sanctuary Cities give to Yiden and be Hakorot Hatov and vote Democrat.

        • A few omissions. The districts that have concentrations of frum Yidden are not completely Jewish. Try looking at the crowd in polling places in BP, Flatbush, Willi, etc. Sure, plenty of frum Yidden. But also lots of non-Jews voting. Even if the Yidden vote 100% Republican, there is still far from guarantee that there others won’t shoo in the Dems.

          Next, you pointed out a major difference between the elections at the national level and local level. Ironically, the Democrats in the more local elections are the ones who funnel monies to various frum organizations and causes. Try blasting the immorality and dishonesty of some of our more local politicians (include Nadler, Schumer, DeBlasio, Cuomo, etc.) in front of the leaders of many organizations and yeshivos. Won’t be well received. They are conduits that bring them government money, and they will not be happy to see them go. Perhaps quietly, but they support these Dems despite the dismal records they have on many issues that are precious to all of us. הכסף יענה את הכל.

          • Nice try turning into Edith Mr Educated. Last time this spiel lasted one day. Lets talk tachles. “Lots of non-jews voting.” Correct. By the end of the day in NYC the largest frumm community in the USA every single politician elected was a DEMOCRAT. My point is if you cant beat them join them. You have a lot to gain nothing to lose. Simche Felder made a full out of himself voting with the Republicans. Now he has ZERO power with the Mayo,Governor, Senate and Assembly. Might as well stay in Brooklyn and sit next to a Gemoreh. He had nothing to gain to undermine the Governor, and the Senate. I still don,t understand Bibis shtick against Obama. Democrats until than voted 100% Pro Israel. He alienated all the Blacks and Liberals. How is that going to help when the Dem’s take over? Because Edelson paid him? Hakesef yaneh et Hakol? The net results that we just elected 2 or 3 Palestinians in the US Congress.

            • Let me tell you for tne hundredth time I am noy and never ever posted under educated Edith . Call vin and ask them if you don’t believe it

              Frum people would benefit more from republicans in terms of yeshiva scholarships .

              You have this silly obsession with s Dakota . Our family already lives in ny . Why would a frum
              Jew move 20 hours away from family and frum infrastructure even if we were better off ? Plus yes jobs are near Libs because colleges are Libs . Doesn’t mean we aren’t better off

              And yeah Toms River maybe white hicks but what does that have to do with frum Lakewood politicians being republican? Why wouldn’t they be dems ? And do you know what an ohev yisroel Chris smith is in congress ? No white hick at all

            • I am the real Educated Edith. A actually agree with much of Educated Archy’s comments. We do not know each other at all. I have no clue who Archy is. There is not a doubt in my mind that Archy has any idea who I am in real life.

              So if any commenters here want to pursue the avenue of hurling diatribes and insults at each other, do be aware that Edith’s portion should not be misdirected at Archy – who is probably innocent. And vice versa.

          • Staying in line in BP,Flatbush etc where everyone new will go to the Democrats is so SMART. The NY Democrats will have a good reason to ignore the frumme who dont for for them. They will start doing like Trump. (Take money from NY Middle class and give it to Iowa farmers who voted for him) take money from Yeshivos and give it to Blacks , Muslims who voted Democrats.

    2. There is not a single congressional District in the USA with A Yeshivah who voted Republican. If you don’t believe me just check it. Even out of town Yeshivas like Miami, Cleveland, Baltimore etc every single District with a Yeshivah voted Democrat. It looks like all this ” Frumme Yiden vote republican” narischkeits was a nothing more than a Republican operation to try to convince us otherwise.

    3. As a registered Republican since 1976, I am frustrated by the NY State Republican party, that they “give in” to the Democrats. They have not put up a fight for state-wide office since Pataki stepped down in 2006. In my congressional district, the Democrat ran unopposed.


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