Chicago, IL – Michelle Obama Rips Trump In New Book


    FILE -  Former US president Barack Obama (2-R) and Michelle Obama (L) bid farewll to President Donald Trump (2-L) and Melania Trump (R), in front of Marine One on the East front as Obama departs from the 2017 Presidential Inauguration at the US Capitol, in Washington, DC, USA, 20 January 2017. EPAChicago, IL – Former first lady Michelle Obama blasts President Donald Trump in her new book, recalling how she reacted in shock the night she learned he would replace her husband in the Oval Office and tried to “block it all out.”

    In her memoir “Becoming,” set to come out Tuesday, Michelle Obama denounces the president for bragging in 2005 about sexually assaulting women. She says his comments on the infamous “Hollywood Access” tape meant, “I can hurt you and get away with it.”

    She also accuses Trump of using body language to “stalk” his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, during an election debate. She says Trump followed Clinton around the stage, stood too close and tried to diminish her presence.

    The Associated Press purchased an early copy “Becoming.”

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    1. Has there ever been a previous President,that so many people are rushing to write about,after he had hardly been there for a little more than two years??!!
      At least you can say that the President is great for the book industry!!

    2. Michelle was never elected to public office, she never even ran. She is probably excited Trump is in WH so she can earn some cash. How many books could she sell bashing Joe Biden?

      • You must have been watching the cartoon version. Because in any video of the debate everyone can clearly see Trump a few times walking closely behind Clinton or into camera view as she was talking, areas he did not belong.

        • No yoni you are the delusional. That’s trump being trump . No intentional stalking other than on your fake news brain .

          But can’t expect much more from yamsar crooked head


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