Williamsburg, NY – Two 13 Year Olds Arrested In Anti-Semitic Spree In Bed-Stuy


    The group seen flipping the hat off the head of a 14 year old Hasidic boy. Brooklyn, NY – A pair of teens have been arrested in connection with two of three incidents involving Jewish targets that took place in Bedford Stuyvestant last weekend.

    Sources told VIN News that police have arrested both the individual who threw a metal pipe into a Franklin Avenue synagogue and another who knocked the hat off the head of a Chasidic teen just moments earlier.

    No details have been released about the individuals, both of whom are 13 years old.

    As previously reported on VIN News (http://bit.ly/2OwkUUH), a ten year old Chasidic girl was also knocked down as several teens fled the scene after the pipe was thrown through the synagogue window.

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    1. Let’s face it the incidents were mostly teenage mischief ,by kids that can’t figure out how to get enjoyment doing positive things They need guidance on how to be productive instead of destructive.


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