Budapest – Soros-founded School Says Forced Out Of Hungary On ‘dark Day For Europe’


    The exterior of the Budapest-based Central European University, founded by U.S. billionaire George Soros, is seen in Budapest, Hungary, December 3, 2018. REUTERS/Bernadett SzaboBudapest – The Central European University, founded by billionaire George Soros, said on Monday it had been forced out of Hungary in “an arbitrary eviction” that violated academic freedom, and it confirmed plans to open a new campus in Austria.

    CEU’s statement is the culmination of a years-long struggle between Hungarian-born but U.S.-based Soros, who promotes liberal causes through his charities, and the nationalist, anti-immigrant government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    For nearly three decades CEU has been a gateway to the West for thousands of students from ex-communist eastern Europe, offering U.S.-accredited degree programs in an academic climate that celebrates free thought.

    The university said it would leave Budapest if it had not secured guarantees of academic freedom by Dec. 1.

    “CEU has been forced out,” said CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff in a statement. “This is unprecedented. A U.S. institution has been driven out of a country that is a NATO ally. A European institution has been ousted from a member state of the EU.”

    “Arbitrary eviction of a reputable university is a flagrant violation of academic freedom. It is a dark day for Europe and a dark day for Hungary,” CEU’s statement added.

    Ignatieff told a news conference later that the CEU had received a “clear and unequivocal” welcome in Austria.

    The United States said it was “disappointed” that CEU was unable to remain in Hungary.

    The European Commission, which has taken Hungary to the EU’s supreme court over the education law that prompted the CEU move and has clashed with Orban over democracy issues, said it was “deeply concerned”.

    The law “needs to be brought back in line with EU law”, said an EU spokesman. “It is now for the Court (of Justice of the European Union) to clarify this matter.”

    Guy Verhofstadt, the liberal leader in the European Parliament and a former Belgian prime minister, said Orban should feel “shame”, adding that it was the first time since Oslo University was forced to close by Norway’s Nazi German occupiers in 1943 that a European university had been shut down.


    CEU’s legal status has been in limbo for more than a year since changes to a higher education law that meant a foreign-registered university could no longer operate in Hungary unless it also provided courses in its home country.

    Orban’s critics say the legal changes deliberately targeted CEU, which is regularly ranked as the top university in Hungary. Orban accuses Soros of encouraging mass immigration into Europe, a charge the philanthropist denies.

    Earlier this year, Open Society Foundations, Soros’ main funding network, was also forced to leave Hungary.

    CEU, founded in Budapest in 1991, says it has complied with all the new regulations set by Orban’s government, which has refused to sign off on an already agreed document with the State of New York that would allow CEU to stay.

    Hungary’s government has dismissed the university’s move as a “Soros-style bluff”.

    CEU said it would start enrolling students for U.S. degrees at its new campus in Vienna for the next academic year. Students already enrolled will complete their studies in Budapest.

    The university retains accreditation as a Hungarian university and will seek to continue teaching and research activity in Budapest as long as possible, it said.

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    1. This traitorous criminal and gangsters Soros is the biggest enemy of western civilization since Hitler and Stalin,this monster should not only be banned from every country but should be hanging from the gallows

    2. Backwards movements throughout history have sought to restrict education. The Nazis degraded “Jewish science” yet that very Jewish science was an important part in the development of Nuclear Weapons.

      We have today Trump’s platform mocking science. This plays well with his core base of people who do not believe in the value of higher unrestricted education. It is not surprising that seemingly many of the orthodox that support Trump are also in the camp that is skeptical of science.

      I would suggest that strong support for unrestricted education (i.e. without restrictions on things that challenge ideology or religious ideas), is something that goes along with forcing oneself to confront the problems of the world in a rational way. Whereas restricted education, is reflective of a worldview that confronts issues via dogma. As such it is unsurprising that every political entity that acts to violate the rights of people has also restricted education.

      Not saying that restricting education results in human rights violations, but it is reflective of an attitude that solutions to issues in the world cannot be solved with knowledge based methods, but instead require ideological solutions.

      • Nice darsha. Sounds intellectual.

        But yes we do not support every bogus science out there. Just because you scream and yell science doesn’t make it holy. Many sceintific theories have later been disprove as well. We frum trump supporters do agree with scienece that you can see. Most of us vaxinate our kids because we see that it helps. We do not support fake science based on unproven theories.

        if his “core base” is like that, then good. We are proud of that label.

        ‘confront the problems of the world in a rational way.”
        There are no problems buddy. its in your silly head.

        ‘every political entity that acts to violate the rights of people”
        fake news, you imply that trump seeks to violate anyone’s civil rights. No such thing. its a lle

        Complete lukshen torah.

        • Your attitude towards science is perplexing. You on one hand admit that you follow science which is “proven” yet you deny “unproven” science. Nevermind your incorrect usage of the word “proven” which is a greater part of the lack of understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of the scientific method in parts of the orthodox community, every “proven” scientific “theory” (another word that you use incorrectly; again you lack the knowledge to understand the significance of this which makes arguing with you difficult…) was at some point “unproven.” The attitude you bring to the table, is that you will benefit ex-post-facto but before the hypothesis is supported by ample evidence you would object to it being examined in the first place.

          This is exactly the issue with restricting education. You can’t know what discoveries you will find unless you first allow for unrestricted exploration (obviously, we can have ethical limitations on what experiments can be done).


          • seeing is believing . its that simple.

            I am Ok with unrestricitng education and science. But till I can see it don’t shove it down my back and force your views on me.

            • No one wants to force you to believe anything, but if you will act to prevent your kids and other kids in your community from being exposed to an unrestricted education, they will not be able to help out society with their knowledge. Go look at all the Jews that have reached high levels of achievement in the sciences, tell me how many of them went to Satmar’s Yeshiva. On the other hand, tell me what is the poorest village in the nation, and what school the people go to. That’s right, it is Kiryas Joel. It produces a population that relies on social programs to live. Some achievement. Maybe some education would do you good.

        • cont…

          An example of likely your backwards approach to science is your attitude towards evolution. Study of evolution, will almost certainly be a key part of unraveling how DNA works, which can result one day in medical advances that will benefit mankind. I am sure when it happens you will have no issue with benefiting from such advances (e.g. how about pills with minimal to no side-effects curing all sorts of cancers), but at the moment, you would oppose your children from studying evolution due to it being kefira.

          Regarding problems facing the world. At one point it was lack of being able to produce enough food to feed everyone. Somebody figured out how to synthesize nitrogen which solved a large part of that. Today, scientists tell us that global climate change poses a dangerous threat, yet I guess that is “fake science” until proven. Will mass ecological disaster be the evidence you need? I would prefer we listen to our experts on this and do what we can to prevent this. Maybe moshiach will come first, but AFAIK, Judaism never supported belief in the coming of moshiach as an excuse to avoid doing histhaduls. Perhaps some religion you believe in supports doing nothing.

          • An example of likely your backwards approach to science is your attitude towards evolution.

            Thats right I have a otrah altitude first. if you don’t like it convert to a differnet religon. too bad. We can’t study Christianity either. We know evolution is a lie finished.

            re medical advances you can do it without selling us evolution. That’s nonsense shtusim. I don’t need to believe dinosaurs lived 5 billion yrs ago to study their fossil’s.

            lack of being able to produce enough food to feed everyone
            Oh please there is enough capability to produce food. Stop sounding like NPR. Its nonsense.There are backwards countries but we are capable of feeding the world.

            Will mass ecological disaster be the evidence you need?
            There has been no disastor. Our ecology is fine.

            • Naturally I don’t expect you to comprehend much of what I say as you lack the education to understand. Evolutionary science is very important in understanding the development of DNA. This is not about fossils, but about the very strong evidence that human DNA shares a whole lot of not active DNA with other species. If you believe in God, there are about 2 conclusions you can come to here. (1) God intended DNA to mimic that what would have evolved naturally, hence study of evolution is part of God’s world, or (2) God took the time to add non-active portions of DNA to humans that mimics that of other animals as some practical joke. You consider yourself a god-fearing man who believes in the Torah, well explain how come DNA clearly shows evidence of evolution. Or are you too busy looking at fossils and have not moved past the 1800’s (when Darwin was around and before DNA was studied).

              As to not enough food, last week I recall the Torah portion discussed some hunger in the land. Oh, right you don’t believe in the Torah either. FYI, many folks consider synthesis of Nitrogen as one of the greatest advances in modern science. Maybe learn something.

          • Anyone who opposes him, he essentially supports jailing them or beating them up.
            No he doesn’t nonsense.

            Jim Acosta,
            i saw it live. it was a double incident. firstly disorderly conduct. If the president says enough its enough.Second, even worse he was nasty to that intern. Abuse? I don’t know. he did shove her hand away. No altered video. And he shamed an innocent girl. he deserved it.

            Cohen is a liar. We all know that. he was a fixer from day one. listen to NPR’s podcasts about his business dealings. All of a sudden his stories about Trump are honest? Gimme a break.

            Free press,
            Yes the press is free and so is freedom of speech in society. You seem to be one sided. just as the press is free to lie we the popel are free to boo them. We also have free speech. Its not a one way street buddy. Noone is denying free press. Stop lying. And you cover it over with your free sociey and human rioghts nonsense. Get it thru your head. There is a free press and there is free speech. Noone is suppressing it buddy. Fake news.

            • Funny thing with the incident with Acosta… For some reason the WH decided not to enter the video in the court filings. I wonder why… Oh, I know, that would have resulted in Acosta suing Sanders for defamation.

              Did I say Cohen was honest? I said Trump wants to throw the book at those he does not like and wants to pardon those he likes. He does not believe in rule of law and is nothing more than a wannabe dictator.

        • As to Trump violating people’s rights… Anyone who opposes him, he essentially supports jailing them or beating them up. You saw this at his rallies, where he champions body-slamming of “liberal” reporters (yet for Jim Acosta, what was a non-incident, resulted in an altered video that he used as a basis to suspend his press pass). You see this with Michael Cohen, who ratted on him, who he says should be locked up for as long as possible (whereas Manafort and Sherrif Arpaio, are poor folks who did not deserve what they got). There is a clear pattern that if you support Trump he is your fried (at least as long as it benefits him) and if you oppose him you deserve to be destroyed. Hard to see examples of where he supports civil rights in general. It is all about himself.

          It does seem that a free press is a critical element of free society, yet Trump constantly attacks the press. The numerous lies he says is unprecedented. Guess what, every society that actively committed human rights abuses has also denied a free press.

          Does this mean that Trump will be Hitler, likely no, but we should be very concerned by talk that serves to limit what makes us a free society. Never forget.

    3. Hating Soros is nazism. There were Hungarian Govt poster similar to “Jews will not replace us” Hating an individual is ok. Hating because of his religion if a Yid is Antisemitism if a Muslim or Black (Lohavdil) its just plane Racism

    4. Educated Archy Says
      hey should be labeled as terrorists and banned from free speech like Hamas
      and you call yourself educated LOL
      if you were educated,you would know that even Hamas is not prevented from free speech,free speech is sacred in America and is not banned from anyone not even Nazi’s or Hamas

      • Well thats my poiint you genuis.

        its a silly scared thing. Its stupid. i don’t buy into its significance. its dangerous and causes people to die. Free hate speech that leads to violence needs to be banned. I am not sold to the constitution. its not my bible. Free violent speech by the way is banned. You can’t incite people to kill
        Those lines you type may make you sound smart but it lacks common sense..


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