El Paso, TX – ID System For Asylum Seekers In Mexico Recalls Holocaust Tattoos


    El Paso, TX – Asylum-seeking migrants waiting in Mexico to gain entrance to the United States are having tracking numbers written on their arms in permanent marker, recalling the Holocaust when concentration camp inmates were tattooed with numbers.

    Accounts vary on when and who started the numbers-tracking practice in Mexico, but it has become a part of the process for asylum seekers at one of the U.S. ports of entry, in El Paso, Texas, Yahoo News reported Friday. Children are included in the process, according to the report.

    Grupos Beta, the humanitarian branch of Mexico’s federal immigration agency, whose mission is to offer assistance and protection to migrants, uses a list of these tracking numbers to help take care of the asylum seekers. The numbers were first spotted by Yahoo News while the migrants were waiting to be questioned by Grupos Beta.

    More than 6,000 people reportedly are waiting at the border with Tijuana, Mexico, to gain asylum in the United States, most fleeing violence in Central America.

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    1. A lot of nonsense and fake news.
      The system was self imposed by the caravan to keep track of who is in what order. They started with papers but there was abuse.

    2. That’s ridiculous. The Nazis tattood the Jews and other prisoners as a way of strip them of all humanity and to take away their names. What the government is doing, is trying to keep track of the people, they are not taking away their names. If this is the twisted logic of left wing liberal groups, then one can saw the same about social security numbers.

    3. Is the govt torturing and locking up these asylum seekers? they are free to go where they want. What kind of chutzpa is it for them to compare it to the holocaust. The epinemy of fake news.


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