Jerusalem – Thousands Of Israeli Women To Strike In Protest Of Violence Against Women


    Women protest against violence against women, following the murders of two young women in the past week, in Tel Aviv, on December 2, 2018. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90 Jerusalem – Thousands of Israeli women will strike Tuesday to protest government inaction in dealing with violence against women — and they’re getting plenty of support.

    Hundreds of companies and organizations, major cities and municipalities have vowed to back the campaign. In addition, over 200 institutions announced that they will join the strike, including the Knesset, the Social Security Administration, Civil Service Commission, the Social Workers’ Union, the Histadrut labor federation, the Women’s International Zionist Organization and the Na’amat women’s organization, Haaretz reported.

    The strike was announced following the murder last week of two girls – Silvana Tsegai, 12, in South Tel Aviv and Yara Ayoub, 16, in Jish. Their killings bring to 24 the number of women and girls murdered in Israel this year, representing a dramatic increase over each of the past two years, when 16 females were murdered.

    At 10 a.m. Tuesday, 24 minutes of silence will be held in memory of the 24 females killed. Some workplaces gave employees permission to wear black on Tuesday. Others will give striking employees the day off or allow them to use a vacation day for it.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday following a visit to a Jerusalem shelter for women that he would form and lead a ministerial committee on the fight against violence against women and children.

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    1. Something is missing from this story . Who killed these women ? Were they entangled with arabs who are known to be violent against Jewish girl friends?

    2. the 2 girls were murdered by non-Jews. 1 by an illegal immigrant from Eritrea that the Soros funded liberal groups have allowed to colonize south tel aviv, the 2nd was an arab girl killed in an Islamic honor killing. any Jewish woman shacking up with an African or Muslim knows the risks and if they get killed whose fault is it? did Nicole brown simpson not know that OJ a black criminal was capable of killing her?

    3. Numbers two and three should get their heads out of their respective tuchases. Both of them implied that violence never takes place by Jewish Israeli men, against Jewish Israeli women. It certainly does take place there, as it does here (American Jewish men harming American Jewish women). There was a criminal incident several years ago, in Israel, when a young American Jewish woman, went into a religious store staffed by two ostensibly observant Israelis. She was looking for a specific souvenir. They lured her to the back of the store, and forcibly raped her. When they were arrested, their chutzpah defense was that “she initiated the encounter”. Unfortunately, crimes against women by Jews, whether in Israel or the USA, takes place by reform, conservative, orthodox, ultra-orthodox, in addition to crimes by Arabs.

      • Classic Fake news tactic. Pick one story and blow it up. sure it happens in all circles. But its rare among frum circles and happens much miuch more among arabs and even others. They wouldn’t be protesting from just jews. Not to minimize jewish abusers a s it does exist but it important to now that its less .


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