Williamsburg, NY – Arrest Made In Punching Attack On Hasidic Man


    Brooklyn, NY – New York city Police have arrested a man who they say is responsible for sucker punching a Hasidic man in Williamsburg last weekend.

    32 year old Enrique Gerena of Willoughby Ave in Williamsburg was charged with a hate crime, and assault.

    As reported last week, A Chasidic man standing outside with his young son talking to another man was punched in the back of the head, just one block from where a Chasidic child suffered a fractured nose after being shoved to the ground last week.

    The incident took place at 6:40 PM on Friday night in front of 68 Throop Ave.

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    1. As long as Jews don’t make any effort to protect themselves these attacks will continue. Shtarker secular Jews know how to fight back. In Israel they know. Now its time for the rest of klal Yisroel to stand up, stop whining and running and fight back!

    2. I think all of us have forgotten what happened when we allow bad people to abuse us. Did the Chasid hit back, or did he allow his son to see him lying on the ground like a victim?
      We cry about “Never again” or “We must not forget”, but we are indeed allowing this to happen again, and if we don’t fight back then we have forgotten.
      Men, boys, Women, girls enroll in self defense,and if some momser tries to hit, punch, knock you down-beat the cr p out of him, or, we can all continue to be sitting ducks-same message, different country. Would love to read a Jew defending himself and putting his attacker in the hospital, wouldn’t that be refresing.
      and what a powerful message that would send.

    3. In Israel or Texas this attacker would’ve taken the room temperature challenge in 5 seconds. We need to get permits to carry guns.
      The corrupt NYC policies and guillines are illegal in my opinion. They hardly approve anyone.
      And then one wonders why some try to cut corners.


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