West Bank – Palestinian Court Extends Detention Of Palestinian-American


    West Bank – A Palestinian court has extended the detention of a hunger-striking Palestinian-American activist who claims she was tortured in captivity.

    The Jericho court on Thursday ordered that Suha Jbara, a U.S. citizen born in Panama, remain in custody 15 more days on suspicions she funded “illegal organizations.”

    Jbara started a hunger strike two weeks ago to protest what she says is unjust treatment by Palestinian authorities. She appeared weak, with trouble walking, breathing and keeping her eyes open, as she entered the courtroom.

    She told human rights organization Amnesty International that Palestinian authorities tortured her and forced her to sign a document admitting to charges she claims are false.

    Jbara supports Islamic charities advocating for Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Palestinian authorities did not specify the illegal organizations in their charges.

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    1. The Palestinians hate to admit it, but they know that they are treated better and fairer by Israeli law enforcement and prison authorities, than they are, if they are arrested in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority. There, they have no civil rights, and torture is the norm.

    2. To #2- I know that, because, because there have been a few Palestinians, who had the guts to admit that they are treated far better by the Israelis in court, than they are by their fellow Palestinians.

    3. This is all fine in the eyes if the world, especially the UN. Only Israel is singled out for fabricated human rights violations while the terror regimes actually committing them are ignored.


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