New York – Lawyer: Trump Resort Hired Undocumented Workers


    This May 24, 2017 file photo shows a view of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.  APNew York – Two women who cleaned rooms set aside for President Donald Trump at one of his golf resorts in New Jersey say they used false papers to get hired, their supervisors knew it and that many employees there also lack legal documents.

    Anibal Romero, a lawyer representing Victorina Morales and Sandra Diaz, said on Thursday that the two used false Social Security and permanent residency documents to get jobs at Trump’s golf resort Bedminster, New Jersey. He also said that a supervisor hurled racial epithets at the women and threatened them with deportation to get more work out of them.

    The two are now considering a lawsuit against the Trump Organization for workplace abuse and discrimination. One of them, Morales, who says she cleaned Trump’s clothes and toilet and made his bed, is also seeking asylum.

    “This isn’t a hotel with 300 employees — they were both in charge of cleaning the president’s house,” said Romero, referring to a guest house on the property set aside for Trump. He added that Morales, 47, was repeatedly called a “donkey” and “dog” by a supervisor.

    The Trump Organization did not answer questions emailed by The Associated Press about the allegations, but said in a statement that it has the highest standards for job applicants.

    “We have tens of thousands of employees across our properties and have very strict hiring practices,” the company said in an email. “If any employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately.”

    The New York Times first wrote about the two women, noting that there is no evidence that the Trump Organization knew they did not have legal documents.

    Both women were described by the Times as finding Trump demanding as an employer, but kind.

    Morales, who left Guatemala in 1999, says Trump would sometimes give her a $50 or $100 tip. Both told the Times that at least two supervisors were aware of their status and helped them evade detection.

    Their lawyer, Romero, said Morales was hurt by Trump’s comments disparaging immigrants here illegally as violent criminals. He says that she believes that Trump’s comments may have emboldened a supervisor at the resort to verbally abusing workers, calling them “stupid illegal immigrants.”

    Romero said that Morales believes at least a dozen workers at the resort do not have legal documentation to work.

    Morales, who spoke to the Times directly, told the newspaper that she understood that she could be fired and deported but felt she had to speak out.

    Romero said that the other worker, Diaz, 46, has legal permanent residency. He said she left the Trump club in 2013 shortly after Morales was hired.

    Romero has called for federal and state investigations into the matter.

    “This toxic environment was designed to intimidate these women, leaving them fearful for their safety and the safety of their families,” he said in a statement.

    Trump has called for a crackdown on immigrants living in the country illegally. In addition to demanding funding for a wall on the Mexican border, his administration has stepped up workplace raids and urged companies to screen workers more carefully.

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    1. “Morales, who left Guatemala in 1999, says Trump would sometimes give her a $50 or $100 tip. “

      So what are they suing for? What a wacky country where the law breaker gets to sue. They should be deporated for breaking the law and flaunting about it. break the law quietly.

      An frankly we know Trump as a business man did stuff that as a president wouldn’t do. When he ran a business he did whats best for his business now its whats best for the country. (Not always the same. But doesn’t make it bad.)

      • A business that hires ‘illegal’ workers is violation of Federal law.

        Even when the CEO is doing ‘whats (sic) best for his business’ by doing illegal activities, it still is illegal. What a donkey. What a dog.

        It is illegal. It is bad. Bigly bad.

        • minor crime that everybody did years ago.

          Its not BIGLY bad or bad at all.

          Oy vey its illegal??? Oh my if its illegal its like the worse thing in the world…

          Nonsense , not bad at atll

          • I just got a speeding ticket (80 in a 70 mph zone). It is a simple civil infraction. It is illegal, but not the worst thing in the world. (Unless there was an accident or an injury.) My fine is $311.00.

            Crossing the border without permission is also no felony. It is a simple civil infraction. It is illegal, but not the worst thing in the world. And the maximum fine (without other mitigating factors) is $250.

            A San Diego bakery owner was charged with 14 counts of felonies … each count $250.000 and 5 years in prison for hiring illegals. Because this was tried by the pussyfoot Obama administration, the owner of French Gourmet in San Diego was fined only $396,575; the manager was fined $2,500. And both were given probation. It is illegal, and hiring one illegal is a felony. Bad. So bad. BIGLY BAD.

      • “Best for the Country” is exactly the same what was the best for him before. Illegal immigrants do our work we don’t want to do, just like the arab’s in Israel. America did very well with all the illegal immigrants before he got elected. Ask any Yeshivah where they work or any household in 5 towns Monsey or Lakewood. The only reason he rants against them to get the Nationalistic, white supremacist neo-nazi votes. Shame on him.

      • “Best for the country” Promise
        #1 Big beautiful wall paid by the Mexicans
        #2 Replace OBAMACARE on day One.
        #3 Defund Plant Parenthood abortions
        #4 Reduce prices of Medicine
        #5 Stop paying for Germanys Defense
        None ZERO ZILCH, Gurnisht. Ah I forgot. He moved the embassy. That made the lives of 300 million Americans and 8 million Israelis SO Much Better.

          • Weak jobs?

            rates are at the lowest ever. Obviously we cannot continue creating new jobs if unemployment is at 3%. Its still historic lows. Any analyst will tell you that at one monthly report is not credible.

            The Dow is important and a small correction is due. Plus yes its small pain due to China but once we cut an even better deal than before it will boom.

            Very unsubstantial cheap shot yamsar

    2. Everyone knew Trump was a hypocrite. This isn’t big news. He pushed e-verify then didn’t use it for one of his signature locations. Company should pay the fine and if they threatened the maid with deportation, which us illegal for an employer to do, they should settle the case and discipline the supervisor.

      • Wrong its not called a hypcrite. That’s your own lies.

        trump simply does whats best for him at the times. he will tell you openly when in business I do whats best for my business and when president whats best for presdient. That’s not hypcritcal. As a presdient the polices that are best suited for the country are the ones you implement. That may be different than your personal objectives. Its called doing his job.

        Hypocrites are people like you who crticize Trump and then engage in the same sneaky tactics of spamming and using multiple screen names like the ruskies.

        • Archy, you will never learn what “hypocrite” means if you keep using the wrong spelling to look it up. Nothing in your inaccurate description of me denotes hypocrisy as that term is used in the English language.

          Only Phineas
          NYU Law 1998 (first year Professors Fox for Torts, Chevigny for Criminal Law, Eisgruber, who is now Provost of Princeton, for Contracts, Nelson for Property, Lowenstein for Civil Procedure).
          Lives in West Hempstead
          From Kew Gardens Hills
          Yeshiva University class of 1994

        • and two of my classmates were Stacey Stillman who appeared on Survivor and Demetrius Martin who was the smartest in our class and quit law school and is a very successful comedian.

        • Trump does what is best for him. Just ask Stormy Daniels.
          Arch, what do have to say about Donny offering Putin a penthouse apartment? In what way was that good for Trump?
          When are you going to realize that Trump is simply a con artist and he’s conned you, Archie????

    3. “a supervisor hurled racial epithets at the women and threatened them with deportation to get more work”

      Some supervisors say such things all the time to everyone, that does not mean the supervisor knew anything for a fact. v”at least two supervisors were aware of their status and helped them evade detection”

      But how do we know that those supervisors weren’t Obama voters?

    4. Before anyone says this is no big deal, which I happen to agree with. Keep in mind that the Republicans knocked out two of Clinton’s nominees for Attorney general, Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood, for hiring illegals even though Wood paid taxes on the salaries. Of course, it blew up in the nation’s face because then we got Janet Reno

      • In the 2012 Presidential campaign, Mitt Romney was lambasted for hiring a gardener who used central American illegals. Romney didn’t employ them, but his landscaper hired them.

        In a debate, Rick Perry said “And the idea that you (Romney) stand here before us and talk about that you’re strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy.”

        It is hypocritical to not say that TRump is a hypocrite.

    5. Snowflakes are among the most low IQ and uneducated people. Do you seriously think a man of his stature is the one who hires lowly help for all his many businesses? This has nothing to do with him and is fake new.

      • Fish rots from the head down.

        In the Army, when there is a SNAFU the TOP person in the chain of command is often fired. It is his responsibility and he sets the tone.

        I won’t expound again on President Bone Spurs many and well known failings.


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