Brooklyn, NY – Eichenstein Commends Business Owner For Sharing Store With Competitor Whose Business Was Damaged In Fire


    (L-R) Shea Langsam, owner of Fish to Dish; Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein, presenting citation; Yossi Heimen, owner of Yossi’s Fish Market Brooklyn, NY – Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein on Sunday presented an official citation to Mr. Shea Langsam, owner of Fish to Dish, to commend him for his kindness in welcoming a competitor, Yossi’s Fish Market, into his store following a fire that destroyed the building that housed Yossi’s Fish Market.

    Following a destructive fire on Jan. 12, Yossi Heiman, owner of Yossi’s Fish Market locates at 13th Avenue and 54th Street in Borough Park, Brooklyn, was left without a location from which to operate his business. That night, Eichenstein coordinated short-term housing for the residents of the apartments above the store.

    At the same time, Shea Langsam, owner of Fish to Dish, immediately reached out to Mr. Heiman to generously offer that he operate his business from a section of Langsam’s store, Fish to Dish, located just a few blocks away at 1280 43rd Street, in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

    “While we are a community that is known for its chesed (kindness), the act of offering a direct competitor into your own storefront truly goes above and beyond,” said Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein. “Fish to Dish is setting a new bar for what it means to be a neighbor and business owner in our community.”

    “I want to express my deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Shea Langsam from Fish to Dish for what he’s done,” said Yossi Heimen, owner of Yossi’s Fish Market.

    “As soon as Shabbos was over, Mr. Langsam reached out to me to offer use of his store so that I could continue serving my customers. I also want to thank Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein for the work he’s done in helping his constituents affected by the fire.”

    “As soon as I heard after Shabbos that Mr. Heiman had a fire, I immediately called him and offered to help,” said Shea Langsam, owner of Fish to Dish.

    “When he said that he needs a facility to process and deliver orders for his customers, I said, ‘Why not join me in my store?’ As fellow community members we all try to help each other as much as we can.”

    The building that housed Yossi’s Fish Market

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    1. Naftuli Moster, this comes all from an illiterate yeshiva education.

      YOU make sure to send your kids in public schools to educate them when they see a burned down store they will rob and pillage it.

      • You’re a lowlife individual, is Simcha in your way at all? He cared for the residents above Yossi’s Fish shop, yes he comes into the picture, Shane on you,
        Keep it up Simcha, you’re doing a tremendous job

      • Agreed. We don’t need more pictures of politicians and askonim.
        The visceral hatred of those that attacked you shows why we don’t have the merit of the Moshiach.

      • Are you naive or just trying to create something that doesn’t exist? Eichenstein represents our community and for all the negative press our community is unfortunately getting the last 2 years it is great that he highlights the wonderful good deeds we do for eachother. And by the way until Eichenstein didn’t highlight this wonderful story nobody knew this was happening! Mr. Eichenstein don’t listen to these few anonymous heaters. Continue doing what you do and make a kiddish Hashem. Continued Hatzlocha

      • He is the one presenting the award. If it wasn’t for him, no one outside the immediate neighbors/neighborhood would know about the chessed. Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein deserves credit for all the good that he does.

    2. I know Shia for a long long time, its not surprising at all what he did.. chesed is in his blood! he’s the one who set up the Belz RAV CHESED organization in BP to feed the poor & needy! he also helped Belz in Monsey set up the Rav Chesed org as well… he has a heart of gold!!

      • All you have mentioned is 100% true, I have a close relative who worked for him for a while, who really enjoyed working for him, such a Mentch, I doubt they still produce this model in nowadays,

    3. politician a her politician a hin! the main focus is on the kiddush hashem a chasidish yungerman did!!! letting a competition work out of your space, is unheard off!! period!!


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