Budapest – Hungary To Give Women With 4 Or More Kids Life Tax Exemption


    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivers his annual "State of Hungary" speech in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019. The inscription reads: "For us Hungary is the first!"Budapest – Hungary’s anti-immigration prime minister says the government is greatly increasing financial aid and subsidies for families with several children.

    The measures announced Sunday by Prime Minister Viktor Orban during his “state of the nation” speech are meant to encourage women to have more children and to reverse Hungary’s population decline.

    They include a lifetime income tax exemption for women who give birth to at least four children.

    Orban said such policies are “Hungary’s answer” to downward demographic trends, “not immigration.”

    Orban repeated his assertion that European Union leaders in Brussels want to fill Europe with migrants from other continents.

    With European Parliament elections set for May, he said that unchecked immigration would create “mixed populations” in countries that Muslims eventually would dominate and Christians quickly would become a minority.

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