Washington – Ilhan Omar Says AIPAC Pays Politicians To Be Pro-Israel


    FIEL -  Democratic Representative from Minnesota Ilhan Omar delivers remarks during a press conference on deportation at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, USA, 07 February 2019 EPAWashington – Days after a series of apologies for an old tweet seen as echoing anti-Semitic themes, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said AIPAC paid politicians to be pro-Israel, a falsehood that drew immediate rebukes.

    Omar on Sunday responded on Twitter to a threat two days earlier by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., to take action against her because of her past statements on Israel by saying, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby”, a reference to $100 bill featuring Benjamin Franklin.

    Her seeming implication that McCarthy was attacking her at the behest of the pro-Israel lobby was made clear with her subsequent response to a tweet by Batya Ungar-Sargon, an editor at The Forward, who tweeted, “Would love to know who @IlhanMN thinks is paying American politicians to be pro-Israel, though I think I can guess.”

    “AIPAC!” Omar replied.

    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee does not contribute to politicians, although its donors give money to political campaigns, in the same way that an array of activists backing distinct interests across the political spectrum have for decades donated to campaigns. Omar raised over $1 million for her freshman campaign last year, including from unions and from Emily’s List, a group that seeks increased participation by women in politics.

    Omar’s remarks drew immediate rebukes, including from Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former president Bill Clinton and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party, and all public figures to not traffic in anti-Semitism,” Clinton said.

    Omar recently apologized for a 2012 tweet in which she accused Israel of “hypnotizing” the world, acknowledging that she had unwittingly echoed anti-Semitic themes. McCarthy’s call to discipline Omar, apparently for the 7-year old tweet, came after she apologized.

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      • This is Trumps Creation. Lets don’t forget she was not elected under the Obama Presidency. 40 million people who otherwise never voted were energized by Trump.The Us Congress elected 3 Muslims under Trumps Presidency. That is more than the last 200 years combined. Nixon was followed by Carter. Trump? Hashem yerachem. It could be a Palestinian or other Progressive. The so called Frumme who voted for Trump for the move of the embassy what did not change a single life put millions of Yiden in Danger in the USA. Pittsburgh? Palis in Congress?

        • typical moronic deranged leftist the democrats elected her and the rest of the Jew hating anti Israel scum because that’s what their party has become of the last 10 years since the anti Israel obmanation was elected and mainstreamed anti Israel Jew hatred, but of course you blame Trump for whatever the democrats do by the way it was malaise carter was followed by Reagan, rapist bill followed by Bush 43, and the obamanation followed by Trump because each time America was sick of anti American scum presidents. Jews in America are in danger from the anti Israel leftists scum supported by the democrats party you love so much.

          • funny how no one mentions that Obama provided Israel with all the weapons it needed for a full 8 years. funny how no one mentions that Obama voted with Israel in the U.N. for a full 8 years (except for that famous 1 time). funny how no one mentions that Obama said that Israel had a right to defend itself during all the Gaza wars, which other world leaders did not do.
            funny how bigoted the Orthodox community is
            funny how the expression ‘shvartze choleria’ is bandied about in Orthodox shuls.

            • during Operation Protective Edge the obamanation withheld missile transfers and banned flights to ben gurion, oh and he also shipped 1.7 billion dollars to iran and unfroze $150 billion more they could use to build up their military and fund terrorists murder of Jews in Israel the oh and as for the un it was this vote that counted the others meant nothing as they were in the general assembly where they are non binding this one was and the obamanation voted against Israel, and every time he said Israel has a right to defend itself he added the caveat of both sides showing restraint as if Israel defending itself is equivalent to the terrorists attacks

            • Should have stayed frozen, instead of being allowed to supply and fund terror. There has never been a politician in America as supportive of anti-Israel terror as Obama.

        • Don’t know what you are hocking achink about but two points.

          1) Obama did invite Sharpton the man with yankel roesnbaum hyd blood on his hands to the wh. Clinton would have never done that. He lowered the bar,

          2) To an extent i agree that trump brings out the crazies on the other extreme side. But I think your argument is flawed. We need to vote for whats good for us trump is by far the best president for frum torah jews. If that comes with a few low loever muslim congresswomen getting excited so be it. That’s not what we need to worry about.

          • I am glad we agree “Trump brings out the crazies” on both sides. White Neo-Nazis on one side, progressives on the other side. We NEED worry . Most Goyim hate us (For 1000s of years) Its not so hard to tell the Goyim that America First means America not Israel.

          • Now that you understand that Trump created antisemitism in the USA (Indirectly) will you vote again for him?? If yes why? You just agreed that “He brings out the crazies” Even if he is innocent like Mother Theresa his results are Horrible for us.

            • no moron democrat support for the anti Israel wing of their party is what creates anti semitism in our country only a deranged moron would say vote for an anti Israel president because a pro Israel president leads to democrat anti semitic politicians

        • And Trump was an Obama creation. Lets don’t forget he was elected after the 8 disastrous years of the Obama Presidency. Over 55 million people were energized by Trump and voted against Obama and Clinton.

        • This too you blame on Trump? Please. The fact is that the Democratic Party is now the Party of hate and bigotry. Where are all the Party leaders to denounce Jew Hatred? Their silence is deafening. Will the “New York Times Jews” still vote for Democrats?

          • 87% of Jews voted democrat. Most of the 13% who votes Republican are Orthodox. They are against Zionism/State of Israel etc. After 2 years of Trump Pittsburgh, MAGA Bomber and many Muslim Congressmans I sure hope that 90+ % of Jews will vote Democrat much more than before.

    1. What about all of the money that the NRA gives for political lobbying purposes, which is far greater than AIPAC’s? Also, what about the powerful commercial airline lobby on the hill? Nobody ever complains about those two lobbies. Feh on this so-called Congresswoman with the schmatte on her head!

      • The amount of Saudi (and other Arab) money which is used to lobby the American government is staggering. Throw in the Iranian money which is also used to lobby, and AIPAC seems like a mom and pop store versus Walmart.

      • NRA and commercial airlines are not foreign sovereign powers.

        Yes, she is anti Israel and I suspect an anti Jews too, but AIPAC’s vigorous on behalf of Bibi’s polices makes it a target of those who oppose Israel in general.

        We don’t get to advocate for any cause without any facing criticism.

        Cursing her on VIN doesn’t help. Learn to address her opinion and debate it, if you think that will help, but you’re wasting your time doing it on websites read by us.

          • They represent the interests of a foreign sovereign power.

            Your need to resort to personal insults reveals much about you and the weakness of your arguement, nothing about me or mine.

            Grow up.

            • Are you really so small minded that you cannot understand that there are supporters of Israel, some of who served in the IDF, by the way, who disagree with Bibi’s and the right?

              Grow up.

        • she has nothing to address. The palestinains have no vaild argument. They abuse women and believe in killing others. One who supports terror doesn’t need to be addressed.

          Do we need to “address” ISIS or hamas?

      • Bigger question. Since when does anyone who identifies as a Muslim have credibility? Islam openly proclaims that dishonesty is praiseworthy if it can be construed to advance the causes of Islam or the other goals of Islam. This animal is no different. I concur with Archy’s wishes that she contract a bunch of dreaded diseases.

    2. after WWII Ukrainian and Hungarian nazi collaborators entered the US and some had war criminal records now a new antisemite entered the US and even wound up in congress

    3. these are hashomers buddies the Jew hating democrats this anti Israel Jew hater was put on the foreign affairs committee
      when will the democrat party leadership condemn their Jew hating anti Israel congressional members


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