Palm Tree, NY – Kiryas Joel Annexation Paves Way For Major Housing Boom


    Satmar Rebbe, Aaron Teitelbaum visiting a construction site in Palm Tree where a planned 1800 new housing is setKiryas Joel, NY – After years of contention and a seemingly never-ending stream of lawsuits, Kiryas Joel’s hard fought annexation plans are finally bearing fruit, with the village poised to nearly double its housing stock with new construction at six approved or proposed projects.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, voters rejected a 507 acre Kiryas Joel expansion plan in 2015, instead approving a more modest proposal that allowed 164 acres to be annexed into the village. Kiryas Joel ultimately parted ways with the Town of Monroe in an agreement reached in 2017, spinning off into the autonomous Town of Palm Tree with its annexed acreage in January, a move that brought with it an additional 62 acres that had previously been part of Monroe.

    With new land available to expand its housing supply to accommodate the needs of its residents and their growing families, developers have been extremely busy in Kiryas Joel. Three developments with as many as 1,000 homes are already slated for the annexed property, reported The Times Herald Record (

    Work has already begun to prepare land for 543 units to be built on 25 acres of a former egg farm located at Bakertown and Acres roads while developers await planning board approvals. Just across the road, another 400 to 500 homes are currently in the planning stages, while a five stage, 482 unit development on Mountain and Forest roads also awaits approval from the planning board.

    Other plans within Kiryas Joel’s original footprint include the currently under construction 1,600 Veyoel Moshe Gardens condominium project located on Nininger Road across from the New York State police barracks and the nearby Golden Towers project which will encompass 250 units. Land is also being cleared for another 400 homes on Acres Road, whose plans are also awaiting a final green light from the village.

    All told, the new projects could yield as many as 3,700 homes. As of 2015, Kiryas Joel was estimated to have 4,100 homes, with the village population hovering at approximately 24,000 nineteen months ago. One of the fastest growing places in New York according to the Associated Press (, Kiryas Joel officials estimated that 300 new housing units were needed every year just to accommodate the village’s ever growing population.

    Kiryas Joel officials were not immediately available to comment on the matter.

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    1. Kyn Yirbi…..what great news after the chorben 70 years ago when most of shyris haplyteh were left with nothing ,no parents,siblings and we rebuilding all that.
      a shame that most are gone to see the naches but i am sure they are proud what the left behing…kyn yifrotz


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