Brooklyn, NY – Borough Park Man Arrested For Using Sidewalk To Pass Brooklyn School Buses


    Borough Park, NY – A Brooklyn man was arrested and issued a desk appearance ticket in connection with last week incident where he drove purportedly using the sidewalk to go around parked school buses.

    Samuel Itzkowitz, 23, was charged with four misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment, reckless driving, failure to stop for a school bus, and driving on the sidewalk.

    NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea tweeted congratulating the arrest writing, “Driving on the sidewalk to avoid a stopped school bus is every kind of wrong. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the driver has been found and arrested for Reckless Endangerment & other charges. Great work by the @NYPD66Pct Detective Squad.”

    As reported last week, a video surfaced online showing of a driver purportedly using the sidewalk to go around parked school buses, coming within inches of young children.

    The video was recorded at the Vizhnitz Cheder on 53rd Street in Borough Park, where the buses were dropping off children.

    The kids can be seen walking toward the entrance when the driver approaches and waits for several to run in front of the vehicle before speeding past them.

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    1. This guy is reckless and foolish. Luckily no child got hurt.
      At the same time it must be noted that WHOEVER released the video to the public remember that: יש דין למעלה

        • First let start with the real problem BUS DRIVER!

          It not fair for the people of bp, it takes from 15 ave 36 st till 15 ave 60 25 minutes the same bus stop 3x on one block

          I have video of bus driver 1)passing red lights 2) pickup in the Intersection 3) pickup the wrong way
          (I guess we don’t have a problem with bus drivers breaking the law)

          • You are 100% correct . The Police look the other way , when the buses cross the Double Yellow Line to discharge students ,only for the drivers convenience .they should come around the block , and drop the child on the correct side .

            • They cross the line and block traffic both ways for safety reasons.

              If they did not then surely traffic in the opposite direction would illegally and unsafely continue to drive rather than stop as required.

          • True, bus drivers are very often animalistic in driving nature.
            Frequently, if you take an otherwise nice, ehlicher talmid chacham and place him behind a school bus wheel, he will suddenly turn violent.
            However in this case he was actually doing what he was supposed to do.

          • I 1000% agree with you. There seems to be no laws for bus drivers. I have no idea why they need to block 4 streets when letting kids off the bus either.
            But 2 wrongs dont make it right.
            There needs to be much clearer direction and enforcement of where school buses should park, bus stops, letting kids off the bus etc.
            Plus the traffic congestion in BP is beyond impossible to navigate and highly infuriating, enough to drive anyone to take matters in his own hands, which sadly he did.

      • Who cares secular or orthodox or anyone for that matter. They put children in danger even and ambulance is not allowed to do what he did.
        What would all the people with foolish comments say if chas vesholem a child was killed?
        Boro park is known for the worst drivers
        And its a chilul hashem
        We must be a light unto nations and we are all over the news in a negative light
        May hashem help us…….

    2. I have a psak in writing from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg shlitta, that the din moser applies to cases where one side takes the other to a goyish court in order to get money out of that person (even if the claim is true). However, regarding reporting mazikim to the police, there is no din moser. Years ago when I got that psak, there was a problem in Beitar of kids riding bikes recklessly and sometimes injuring pedestrians. When I discussed the issue with some of the rabbonim from the city, they claimed it was forbidden to report them to the police, especially since they’re just children. In the psak, he wrote that bes din is obligated to punish children that cause damages, and since we don’t have that authority in golus, the bes din themselves have the obligation to report them to the police, and there is no prohibition for anyone else to report them.

    3. Borough Park drivers are frustrated about the congestion.Some avenues should be made one way .Driving out of Borough Park is a nightmare we are locked in.Since Prospect Park was closed to vehicular traffic Borough Park became a bottleneck in the morning no way out specially when the highway is congested.No one cares for the frustration of the drivers.Until someone gets killed G’ forbid.Nowonder people act frustrated.

    4. From the photo, it looks like the buses were double parked. Perhaps the street was not passable. The car driver should have backed out. This was way too dangerous. For some reason, the Rebbe didn’t seem surprised or fazed by the car on the sidewalk. That is very strange to me.

    5. For some reason i believe all those commenting being excited this man was arrested as if they really mean the safety of the children are not really people who love doing kind things. Not really people who care about others. Just a bunch of frustrated unhappy people seeking to get revenge on society in general for their misfortunes.

    6. I’m truly amazed at the various postings, which actually show sympathy or make excuses for that piece of garbage driver. I wish they could have pulled him out of his car, beat the heck out of him, and left him lying in the street, like the inconsiderate dog that he is. I’ve seen people drive through gas stations to avoid traffic lights, but this slob really took the cake. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that I’ve seen allegedly frum people, engage in illegal traffic behavior. When I drove in Borough Park in 2009, I saw a car violate two solid yellow lines, by driving through them. In addition, in Flatbush, I saw a frum driver blast his horn at, and make a gesture to pedestrians, legally crossing the street. Evidently, that driver didn’t feel like waiting for them. Frum drivers block fire hydrants, block driveways, and leave their garbage barrels blocking the sidewalks, long after the garbage has been picked up. Also, a relative told me that after a snowstorm, one can always tell where on his block, the goyim live, and were the frum ones live. The frum ones refuse to shovel the snow, or have someone do it for them. Case closed! If some of you don’t like what I wrote, tough!!

      • Glad you released your anger. Wonder where it would go, if you didnt have this forum. Probably to your wife. Glad you spared her. And surprised that was ” all” you could dig up.

    7. This is a frightening scene to watch for two reasons: the man driving the car is mishuga and the Rebbe seems to be more interested in his phone than supervising the children.

    8. Just to be clear, NOTHING is allowed to pass a school bus picking up or discharging children. Not police, not even ambulances or fire apparatus on a call, and certainly not some schmendrik who thinks he may be late for Mincha.

    9. I remembered a true story that happened around 10 years ago: for those who feel its not a problem to drive recklessly please Read, what Harav Chaim felt about those who endanger other peoples lives

      Jerusalem – Three weeks ago a bochur yeshiva without a drivers’ license caused a dreadful car accident on the Ramot Road. Now another bochur was caught with the same irresponsible behavior. In preparation for his trial and out of fear that he might be sentenced to prison, the bochur decided to seek a blessing from Rav Chaim Kanievsky.

      After VIN News verified that accuracy of the exchange, we are bringing the recording of the conversation between them as a service for the public:
      Bochur: I have a trial in another week. They want to put me in prison. Would the rav please bless me so I’ll be saved from it.
      Rav Chaim: What is the trial about?
      Bochur: They caught me driving without a license, after I crashed into a wall.
      Rav Chaim: So you’re mamash a murderer! Adaraba, let them put you in prison. Very good.
      Bochur (shouts) What? Chalila, I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t wound anyone either. I just had a small accident with a wall involving only myself.
      Rav Chaim: But you drove without a licen


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