Paris – Why France Is Analyzing Ethiopian Jet’s Black Boxes


    The headquarters of the BEA is pictured in Le Bourget, north of Paris, Thursday, March 14, 2019. The French air accident investigation authority, known by its French acronym BEA, is now handling the analysis of the so-called black box flight recorders from the Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed earlier this week. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)Paris – France doesn’t see an unusually large number of aviation disasters, but its plane crash investigators are world famous.

    The French air accident investigation authority, known by its French acronym BEA, is now handling the analysis of the flight recorders from the Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed after takeoff earlier this week, killing 157 people.

    Ethiopian authorities wanted European investigators to handle the analysis because of its complexity, according to BEA spokesman Sebastien Barthe. They initially asked Germany, which said it didn’t have the necessary capacity to take it on, so then the Ethiopians turned to France, Barthe told The Associated Press.

    And the BEA said yes.

    The French agency, based in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget, has extensive experience in investigating crashes and other incidents involving commercial flights. The BEA notably helps with investigations in countries without the resources or equipment to analyze the flight recorders, often called the black boxes.

    BEA investigators are also often called upon when an Airbus plane has a problem anywhere in the world, because the aviation manufacturer is based in France. This time the plane was a Boeing, whose popular 737 Max 8 model has been grounded or barred from air space in more than 40 countries pending investigation into what caused Sunday’s crash.

    The BEA isn’t saying how long it will take to analyze the recorders — which are actually orange, despite their nickname. One collects data such as the plane’s altitude and airspeed, while the other records the sounds in the cockpit. Analysis typically takes days or weeks, depending on whether the recorders were damaged in the crash.

    The French agency insists that its investigations are not aimed at assigning blame but at finding out what went wrong to make recommendations to improve air safety around the world.

    Among major crash investigations the BEA has led were the 2015 plunge of a Germanwings jet — whose black boxes revealed that the co-pilot had deliberately slammed the plane into an Alpine mountainside after locking the captain out of the cockpit.

    The BEA also studied the flight recorders retrieved from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean two years after the 2009 crash of Rio-Paris Air France Flight 447. The investigation determined its speed sensors had iced over, causing confusion in the cockpit.

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    1. They are analyzing the data because the Ethiopians no longer trust the US, with good reason. Trump has not nominated someone to head up the FAA, after nominating his totally unqualified personal pilot. He is also in Boeing’s pocket, as after criticizing them in late 2016 they donated $1 million to his inauguration, after which he loved them. The FAA had the same data as Canada and other nations, but they didn’t act until well after everyone else did.

    2. Yes, Trump had the same information as Canada. The information that despite flying in the USA for almost a year US airlines had better luck. Maybe it was skill and being up to date as legacy airlines pilots are paid to be.

    3. Just Google how much money Boeing gave to the Obama and Clinton campaigns. Obama let Boeing produce these lemons for years. And now innocent people are dead.


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