Jerusalem – Charedi Rosh Yeshiva Describes Israeli Government As Worse Than The Nazis


    Jerusalem – A pre-election gathering in Israel turned controversial when the head of a prestigious yeshiva slammed the Israeli government for not allowing gender segregation on public buses, noting that even the Nazi regime understood the need to separate men and women.

    Rabbi Aviezer Piltz, dean of Yeshivas Toshiya in Tifrach, made the remarks on Saturday night at Bnei Brak’s Lederman synagogue in the presence of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein at a gathering launching the United Torah Judaism election campaign, reported Kikar Hashabat ( Speaking out against secular Zionism, Rabbi Piltz criticized the country’s refusal to allow forced separations between men and women on government-run buses. Several Charedi-run buses have men seated in front, with women located in the bus’s rear section.

    “Is there a county in the world that doesn’t allow this kind of separation on buses, except this one?” asked Rabbi Piltz. “Here they don’t allow it. This is a country of idol worship. Even the Nazis, may their memories be erased, understood the need for separate areas for men and women.”

    The Nazi reference was just one small part of Rabbi Piltz’s fiery remarks which criticized the Israeli government for interfering in religious education and noted that, throughout history, those who attempted to secularize Jews have failed. In an interview with an Israeli radio program, Degel Hatorah representative Rabbi Yitzchak Pindrus who organized the gathering said that the Nazi reference was used just as an example and had been blown out of proportion on social media.

    Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israeli office, called on Rabbi Piltz to distance himself from his remarks, reported The Jerusalem Post (

    “This is an unfortunate statement, and I’m hoping that he didn’t really want to convey a message that Israeli society is worse than the Nazis,” said Zuroff. “That a rosh yeshiva could say something like that is shocking and unacceptable. The honorable rabbi should apologize for this comment, which at least would be a constructive step.”

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    1. This guy is delusional ! Show me 1 country that allows segregation on government transportation? (Not counting Iran or Saudi Arabia)
      if he likes the Nazis so much why doesn’t he go back ? Last time I checked there is no restriction to leave Israel, if they don’t like it let them get hell out of there.

    2. #1, great point.
      Religious Zionism is worse than secular Zionism.

      There is no such a thing as a “Medina Al Pi Torah”. It is a Torah forbidden state.
      ברוך הוא אלוקינו שבראנו לכבודו והבדילנו מן התועים ונתן לנו תורת אמת.

      • That was the satmar reba zy’a shita. Rav Kook Zt”l disagreed.

        And let me remind you that the late founder of the right wing peleg party was R shumel Aurbach. ZT”L no leftie Zionist at all. His father R shomo zalamn zt”L learned by rav kook as did R Elyshav zt”L.

        Forbidden al pi torah?? yes according the reba ZYA an aggdata gemara on sholosh shevous forbdis us. Other leading poskim not just R kook, held that we do not pasken like an aggdata gemara and its therefore not binding.

        Ponvitcha rav and R lazar Yudel flew an israeli flag in their yeshiva on yom hatzmut.

        many of the rizner rebas were very pro the medina as well

        The stamar reba was holy and I respect his shita but lets put things in context.

      • The nazis term is out of hand. But there is something wrong with the govt in that it doesn’t respect religion enough. Yes equality is vital but as a jewish state you need to respect the fact that religous beliefs bars mixtures of genders. Why not pass a separate but equal law to ensure that all are treated equal yet religon is kept up. maybe women in front with a curtian for tznuis and men in back etc…

        It also hinders chardeim from going to work. When separate college classes are banned you only hurt yourself. and society. You increase charedi unemployment and poverty. You know charedim won’t go to college if its mixed. Right or wrong you all loose from the deal. What is wrong with separate but equal classes like Touro college? (i.e. same accommodation etc..)

        If people don’t want female pics in bnei brak or meah shearim levae them be. That’s how the overwhelming majorty want to live. Why disturb the peace?

        Israel as wa whole needs to get their act together and stop the antagonism. this is what leads to insanity and nazis name calling.

      • Understood, it’s a state not according to the Torah. So exactly what do you recommend, allow the arabs to obliterate the State of Israel including the Jews or maybe Israel should dissolve itself. What exactly do you expect Israel to do, become religous, ‘aint gonna happen.

        Ask your Rabbi, but it’s mentioned, I think in Zohar but I’m not exactly sure, that before Moshiach arrives there will be a perioid of time where Israel will already exist under a secular government.

    3. While the “Nazi” remark was probably overblown by social media, I still can’t comprehend how a Rosh Yeshivah could not be aware of the pain caused to Holocaust survivors if they heard this remark. This doesn’t make any sense. HASHEM YERACHAYM

      • I also want to throw up when I hear the words dass torah Because over the years these so-called dass torah people have always spoken out against others put down others allowed And taught their students to behave in the same fashion.

    4. I am not a Zionist by any stretch although I am not Satmar etc. either. But I agree with the others here. Weird thoughts! What is it his business to tell the Bus company how to run their buses. Nobody is forcing him to ride them I would presume. It is a free country. Did he ever try to speak softly with the owners and ask that way? And even if he did and they refused they can do what they want they are free to choose.

    5. Shame on him
      When he gets to the עולם האמת he will have to beg mechilah from the קדושים that sacrificed their lives לקדש שם שמים
      Nobody should be surprised when young people hear this and turn away from their faith

      He’s a Rosh Yeshiva ?!?
      More like a Rosh ignoramus

    6. He probably took a double dose of Am Horatzis pills that morning. I will be sure to write the name of his eh hem yeshiva down so when the next shnorer comes along beitin berachamim for gelt, I will tell him his friends in Bavaria are waiting, with segregated buses.

    7. This ‘rav’ expressed the true hateful feelings of so many charedi living under the protection of the JEWISH ZIONIST STATE. For him to reference the nazis this way shows how these charedi have lost their minds. OTD anyone?

    8. I speak as a child of survivors. I grew up with the shadow of Auschwitz over my childhood.
      My belief is that all these so called Gedolim come from a generation that avoided the shoah. Maybe they were the lucky ones spirited out overnight after telling my Mother and her family to stay. After a while these E.Y. people think they are invincible. I call it das Gaaveh.

    9. With this type of a speech no wonder why MESHIACH is not here.May Hashem have mercy on us and send MESHIACH NOW even though we are not worthy of him.

    10. Over blown political BS.
      True, the government is not benevolent to the Yeshiva velt. But Nazis? This borders on stupidity that only an idiot would say, yet it is a Rosh Yeshiva?

      Guess the standard has sunken….

    11. So another Charedi Rabbi has, apparently, failed to study Leviticus & speaks lashan hara against other Jews!
      Another Charedi Rabbi adds to the words of the Torah in direct contravention of HaShem’s prohibition against doing so….there is NO law to say men & women must be separated in the way he deems.
      The Torah was given to ALL the Children of Israel. Men & women together. There was NO separation at the foot of Mount Sinai!
      Maybe this was why HaShem did not even mention Rabbi’s in the Torah. He clearly did not intend for them to exist!

    12. What they clearly did not learn from the Nazis in Israel is how to be all inclusive. The Nazis killed every single Jew they got their hands on, Ashkenazi and Sephardic, whereas in Israel they segregate putting the Ashkenazi on the top tier, and the sepharadim on the lower-tier. If they want to learn from the Nazis, that’s the lesson they should learn.

    13. We look up to these Rosh Ha’Yeshivas as G-d. No different the chassidim to their Rebbes. Understand they are all humans and in many cases plain fools and ignoramuses. The Rebbes are worse because all you need is being “born” lucky. At least with Rosh Ha’yshiva’s you have to know a blatt gemorah!!
      Hold on a second, I was just thinking…that is also not true.
      Anyway, here is evidence to stupidity of the ones we jump around in front of.

    14. This Rosh Yeshiva should be aware that this is not only a Chilul Hashem but the well thinking Haredi youth is getting more and more disgusted of this kind of talk. Finally, they will not only go on mixed busses in Bne Brak, but they will leave everything behind, including their families, and travel in mixed planes and cars with a mix of man and women to Thailand and Sinai to get cheap and easy drugs in order to forget their Haredi past.

    15. Lets talk about the REAL important curruption issues. The Israeli government did medical experimentation on hundreds of thousands of Israeli children and babies without their parent’s knowledge or consent between the years 2011 and 2015. The Nuremberg code of *”Informed Consent”* was set up after WW2 after the Nazis did medical experiments on the Jews in Germany and Poland against their consent. This is is actually an International war crime. The Israeli Gov and Misrad Habriyut used an experimental drug called the Sci B vac which was not approved by the FDA and did not pass level 3 testing. in other words it was a *test* drug. They did NOT inform the parents of this fact. The result is over 10,000 brain damaged children. That’s close to a million parents whose kids were used as guinea pigs and with two grandparents three million people or half the country affected by Israel’s greatest crime in its history!!!

      This is not the first time this has happened. Please watch the video of Shlomo Gordon confronting all of the members of knesset from all the parties familiar with health system, while he exposes they are all clueless as to what’s actually going on in Israel affecting the next Generation of children and really don’t seem to care.

    16. Ynet gives the following translation:

      > Is there a state in the world where they don’t allow [gender] separation on buses? Apart from this country, here they don’t allow it. This is a state of idol worship. Even the Nazis, may their names be erased, knew that there should be separate living quarters for men and women.

      The first problem I see is that the statement (as written) is actually false in multiple respects. There are plenty of legal gender-separated buses even in Israel. They are “private” transportation. It is public transportation that is in question. Even in public transportation there is no law preventing gender separation by choice. Men can choose to sit with men (or not sit at all) and women can choose to sit with women (or not sit at all). What the law makes illegal is *forcing others* to sit (or not sit) according to dictates of a few.

      Those places (in the West) that have gender separated public transport do it correctly. Its purpose is to protect women from male aggressiveness, and as such, certain buses are designated female only vehicles (Mexico), while the incredibly crowded subway systems (Japan and Indonesia) are separated by gender for the same reason.

    17. To continue my previous post. The only places where such forced segregation takes place in the manner expected by those individuals who endorse it, is found only places like Saudi Arabia that “owns” women (where every female is “owned” by a male, so that a widow, for example, must receive permission from her *son* just in order to travel).

      So aside from the falsehoods of the statements (as worded literally), my main objection is that the proper concept of protecting women is converted to abusing women. As example, a person I know (who is a close relative of high ranking personages in the Ponevezh Yehsivah in Bnei Brak where he grew up during the War of Independence but now resides here) visited Bnei Brak recently with his wife. They sat on the bus facing each other across the aisle. A young male came on board and saw her seated there and immediately ordered the woman (who was old enough to be his grandmother) off. The husband (a tall fellow) grabbed the guy and made it clear he would end up in the hospital if he ever spoke like that to his wife again.


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