Monroe, NY – Chasidic Man Pulls Legal Firearm To Defend Himself In Monroe Attack


    FILE - Herman Wagschal at a public hearing on a proposed KJ annexation, June 11, 2015.(, NY – One of the driving forces behind a proposed Chasidic village adjacent to Kiryas Joel found himself reaching for his legally licensed handgun after coming under attack as he tried to enter Monroe Town Hall to file legal documents.

    The incident took place Thursday morning just after 10 AM.

    Herman Wagschal, organizer of the petition to create the Village of Seven Springs, was attacked by two men who hit him on the back of the head and then kicked and punched him repeatedly after he fell to the ground.

    Wagschal drew his weapon to defend himself, prompting one suspect to leave the scene by car, making off with the legal documents, which were reportedly related to the incorporation of Seven Springs.

    The second man ran into the town hall lobby where he was apprehended by police and was identified as 32 year old Shlome Katz of Monroe.

    Katz, who is being held by the Monroe Police Department pending arraignment, was arrested and charged with robbery in the second degree, grand larceny in the fourth degree, criminal mischief in the third degree and conspiracy in the fourth degree, all felonies.

    Police are still seeking the other suspect who is also an area resident and was in Monroe Town Hall with Katz just prior to the attack.

    Both the Monroe Police Department and the New York State Police responded to the scene, where Wagschal’s gun was recovered.

    A revised proposal submitted by Wagschal three days ago called for adding an additional 90 acres to Seven Springs which would include half of the Harriman Commons Shopping Center, reported the Times Herald Record (

    The 1.9 square mile village includes nearly every unincorporated property in northern Monroe with the exception of two housing complexes whose residents would like oppose the plan.

    Under state law, Monroe Supervisor Tony Cardone has approximately two months to decide if the proposal is legally sound. He condemned this morning’s attack, saying that the use of violence and other unlawful action to subvert the legal process is unacceptable.

    “Any differences in opinion among residents should be resolved only in a peaceful manner through constructive, civil dialogue and open discussion,” said Cardone.

    295 adults and 315 children reportedly live in the area proposed for Seven Springs, which consists of largely undeveloped land.

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      • Actually this has nothing to do with Satmar. The attackers are netura karta, the same guys that protest together with the Palestinians. The heilige satmar rebbe zl also created a village. There’s nothing wrong with that

      • Satmar doesnt look to blame anything on Zionists. Zionism is the despicable tzarah of our times. That’s what the holy Rebbes of Satmar AND Belz, AND Lubavich, AND Litvish&&& many gedolim of yesteryear cried over. Satmar is the only one carrying the torch further and proudly proclaim that Zionism is not Jusaism as the other chasidus strayed from their original paths.
        You can be all cynical and invoke all hatred you have to Satmar but my gut feeling tells me that when needing Satmar for their chesed, u or a family member or a neighbor were most defntly a willing receipient of their good deeds.
        So stop the bashing and bash urself.

        • Yes everyone was against the founding of the state of Israel but satmer are the only ones that are also anti Zionist (there’s a difference between the two) and fyi the lubavitcher rebbe was also anti the state of Israel which is why you will never find anywhere where he uses the words medinas yisreal only eretz yisreal
          But most people realize that at this stage if you dissolve the state then countless numbers of Jews are likely to be killed the difference between satmer i.e. neturei karta and everyone else that’s anti the state of Israel is that everyone else considers Israelis to be Jews but satmer/neturei karta are so brainwashed to hate Israel that 1 they don’t consider anyone pro Israel to be Jewish so there’s no issue of thousands of jews being killed if the state falls apart since they’re not considered Jewish and 2 they forgot the difference between the state of Israel and the land of Israel which is the same land regardless of whether it’s ruled by the Roman’s the Greeks the ottoman empire the British empire or the Jews running the state of Israel
          P.s. this is 1 quote of many from the biggest Zionist in Jewish history אהב י-הוה שערי ציון מכל משכנות יעקב

    1. He did NOT pull his legal weapon! The news reporters just reported that it was noticed or seen… the reporter is one of the biggest anti semites in USA and she was hoping to break a story….

    2. I am super impressed that Rabbi Wagaschal has a license to carry a weapon. Every Jew should be able to defend themselves. בא להרגך השכם להרגו


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