New York – De Blasio Issues Ultimatum To Yeger: Apologize Or Face Expulsion From Immigration Committee


    Protest outside Councilman Kalman Yeger's office in Borough Park. New York – Two days after ruffling feathers by calling into question the existence of Palestine, Councilman Kalman Yeger found himself the subject of conversation yet again today, with Mayor Bill de Blasio calling for an apology for what he termed “destructive” comments.

    Speaking with Brian Lehrer’s on his weekly Ask The Mayor radio program, de Blasio deflected criticism that his own response on social media to Yeger’s tweet calling for a two state solution fell short, and categorized the councilman’s remarks as “dehumanizing and unacceptable.”

    The mayor called an Yeger to issue an immediate apology for his remarks.

    “People in public life should by about unifying people and finding ways to work together, what he is doing is the opposite,” said de Blasio.

    The mayor stopped short of calling on City Council Speaker Corey Johnson to remove Yeger from his position on the council’s immigration committee, but said that he believes that doing so would be the appropriate course of action at this time.

    “I think someone who has the ability to say that about Palestianian people, by definition, should not be on the immigration committee,” said de Blasio, adding “If he’s not going to apologize he shouldn’t be on that committee.”

    As previously reported on VIN News ( a demonstration last night in Borough Park outside Yeger’s office to protest his remarks had a large Jewish contingent shouting down a handful of Palestinian demonstrators, with a significant NYPD presence in place to ensure that the rally stayed peaceful.

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      • Kalman this isn’t strength. This is called being a blockhead. Apologize for your idiotic tweet and swear never to do it again. Focus on Cleaninig up the streets of your district.

    1. Woe! Did Yeger drag us down. What is he waiting for? We live here surrounded with millions if Muslims. Peaceful and not. Does he want blood on his fingers and only then will he apologize????

    2. Given how the Omar anti-semitism issue was settled in Congress, this could be solved by a resolution calling for respect for all people and dropping the matter.

        • Nope we get it very clealry. There are not Israeli nor Palestinians. They are animals who don’t deserve equal rights. You don’t get it. They want you dead. If you walked in their hood they’d chop your head off on you tube you fool. Those people don’t deserve equal treatment.,

        • Um the US exists as a country with leaders boundaries currency etc unlike palestine. palestine has never existed as an independent entity and still doesn’t there are no historic palestinians they are just arabs with the same history and culture as the ones in Jordan

    3. Maybe they are all actually Ottoman, or Trans-Jordanian???

      But in truth, the Pelishtim were a thorn in Israels side since the Bnei Yisroel conquered Canaan. They will always be a problem until Gog Umagog.

    4. dont understand what does it help that deblasio and all other politicians are for a 2 state solution
      if the arabs only want a one state solution theirs!!

      this is a terrible crisis we need friedlander
      everyone with at least three antenas on their car and 4 cell phones to get involved here all yatzmach perkunies are needed right away

      please no regular people only noted askonim
      have special parking permits etc

    5. Since when is acknowledging the fact that Palestine and Palestinians exist either a political position or a position on the legitimacy of anyone’s policies?

    6. He should resign when “Pencil Neck” Congressman Schiff resigns.
      He should demand that DeBlasio show him a copy of the founding papers of this alleged country called Palestine.
      He should demand to be shown some of their currency.
      He should demand to see copies of their ancient laws.
      He should demand to know who their founding fathers were. And on and on and on.
      Fakes phonies and frauds.
      This is the chance to bring this falsehood into the open.

      • He shld resign not because his words or true or not. That ul debate in ur Shul. He should apologize and resign cuz of the tremendous chilul Hashem he made with his rediculous tweet and a Yid shld not suffer from the repression of it. He is an egomaniac that serves his own intrests and doesn’t give a hoot about the well being of Jews.

    7. Kalman:

      I detest you and voted against you. I still do not consider you appropriate for political office. And I will not vote for you if you run for office again. But I am one of your constituents, and you do represent me on City Council. Do not apologize.

      You were absolutely correct. Palestinians exist, because they appropriated that label for themselves. If you chose to call yourself superman or spiderman, I might laugh, but you may do so. But Palestine does not exist. The people who call themselves Palestinians exist, and want to confiscate Israel to claim it as theirs. They do not want a two state solution. Just ask them. They want all Jews murdered, whether in Israel or elsewhere. They want the land for themselves, denying all of factual history. They are only bloodthirsty savages, subhuman at that, and are incapable of managing a sovereign country altogether. Look at the shambles of Gaza. Look at the mess of the west bank, only a bit better than Gaza because of Israeli support. They are not tolerant of peace, and their presence in America is only to push their agenda for world takeover by Islam. That’s what they preach in Arabic.

      Don’t apologize.

      • Woe! What hateful rhetoric in such volatile times. U defntly have no Jew in mind but ur selfish self as u so proudly admit it.
        Dont detest a jew but call him out for his ignorance that could have terrible repercussions. We are not here to determine if the Muslims can or can’t have a government. We are here to peacefully demonstrate that a Jew does is not a racist as Kalman so badly demonstrated. How unfortunate are ur words. Detestable!

        • What do you know about Yeger. I do, and it is incongruent with political office. Can you report on anything useful that was accomplished since he got into City Council? I would grant him several months time to get used to the new environment and to the political process. But he has been there quite some time. Any movement on any campaign promises?

          Lastly, he did not say anything negative about “Palestinians”. He noted that “Palestine” does not exist, and he is correct. It also can’t exist, which you also know. His statement was not racist.

          Oh, by the way, what was selfish about my comment?

    8. he should just apologize the same way Omar yemach shemoh did, half hearted meaningless…. just tweet something like: “de blasio told me to apologize so here you go, i’m sorry, i said it”

    9. De Blasio is a shmegegge who doesn’t really care. He is a grubah goy who needs a serious misah m’shina together with sassour and the other yishmaelim.

      Yager should apologize with one of those long winded “Im sorry but you are still a jerk” apologies.

    10. The analogy to Omar is correct and just as we rightfully expect an apology from Omar we should expect no less from Yeger.

      Brooklyn has a large Jewish and Muslim poulation that has gotten along peacefully with each other for decades. We should shun rabble rousing politicians who use twitter and the like to rile up passions and create tension for no constructive purpose. We dont need NY councilman mimicking the race baiting hate of our commander in chief. They were elected to do a job not ferment anger. They should stick to the work that they were elected to do.

      • Peacefully for decades???
        Really? I guess ” for a decade without the “s”.

        Aron halberstam killed by a Muslim
        9/11 attackers lived in ny
        Tne 93 wtc master mind and blind shikeh lived in Brooklyn

        Very selective history buddy.

        Ps not denying that it’s best to lay low perhaps but let’s not call Muslims innocent


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