New York – Supporting Yeger, Daily News Says Palestinian State Repeatedly Rejected By Arabs


    New York – Amid calls for City Councilman Kalman Yeger’s resignation from the immigration committee, one of New York City’s largest newspapers has thrown its hat into the court of public opinion, agreeing that Palestine does not exist.

    An editorial in today’s Daily News ( backed up Yeger’s assertion that Palestine does not exist with a history lesson, noting that a proposed two state solution that would have created a Palestinian state was rejected by Arabs five times – in 1937, 1947, 1967, 2007 and 2008.

    Criticizing what it referred to as the “speech police,” the Daily News rejected calls by both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Speaker Corey Johnson for Yeger’s resignation from the committee, categorizing the idea as “nuts.”

    The editorial also noted that Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was rightfully allowed to keep her committee assignment even after making statements that were far more inflammatory that Yeger’s now famous tweet saying that Palestine does not exist.

    The Daily News supported Yeger in the November election, describing him as “pragmatic” and “with it.”

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    1. It’s all nice and ok from a secular non-jewish perspective, but this alt-Yeager should keep his mouth shut for practical reasons. He’s a nobody who was voted in to keep the streets of his district clean and help his constituents enroll in goeverment programs. He should do his job and shutup.

    2. The daily news has it right. And Kalman stay strong. Don’t bow down to pressure. The bully liberals believe in free speech til it suites them not to.Stand strong. Its cowardly to apologize. We see comments that people are scared of muslim wrath and therefore want you to apologize. In other words they are cowards scared of consequences rather than fight for our rights.

    3. # 1, Great point.
      Yeger should resign all-together from his post as a councilman.
      We did not elect him to be a rabble rouser. He is following in the footsteps of his mentor David Greenfeld.

      Yeger,we had enough of people like you.Step down immediately.

      • You write,

        “He is following in the footsteps of his mentor David Greenfeld.”

        “Yeger,we had enough of people like you.”

        It seems like a contradiction to me. If Yeger is like Greenfeld and we elected him anyhow we obviously didn’t have enough of people like Greenfeld. People voted for Yager bec they wanted another Greenfeld.

    4. All the arguing about the פלשתים in a side,

      Could we all agree that bringing Muslims into the streets of Brooklyn is not in our best interest ?

      Did Yeger with his tweets got them in our streets ?

      And the answer is Yes !

      So he did something wrong Period !

    5. Since Yeger voted against Diaz, why are we defending him?

      Yeger already voted for pc over emes , now he should accept whatever punishment he deserves.

      After all the gays control the council

    6. Kalman Yeger has nothing to apologize for. The yishmaelim ym’sh live on people caving in front of them. When people stand up to them, like the bullies THEY are, they don’t know what to do with it.


    7. 1. Yeger gained nothing by tweeting a possibly factual but definitely inflammatory statement.
      2. He should have tweeted the REAL TRUTH:
      Palestine DOES exist. It is now called JORDAN, it occupies almost 80% of the original Trans-Jordan, it is about 4 times larger than Israel, and more than half of its citizens identify as Palestinians.


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