Palo Alto, CA – Accountant Fired After Berating Orthodox Jew For Wearing “MAGA” Cap


    The Orthodox Jewish man wearing the hat, identified only as Victor, told NBC Bay Area that Mankey called him a Nazi. Palo Alto, CA – A woman who said she confronted a man for wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat inside a Palo Alto Starbucks was fired from her job at a nearby music store.

    On Monday, Rebecca Parker Mankey took pictures of a man wearing a MAGA hat, and wrote in a Facebook post that she “called the entire Starbucks to order and yelled at him.”

    “He will never forget me and will think seriously about wearing that hat in my town ever again,” she wrote. “If you see him in this hat, please confront him. You do not want to be the person who didn’t speak up as we slipped into fascism.”

    Her Facebook post was widely shared and derided by conservatives, and her account has since been deactivated.

    A day later, Palo Alto music store Gryphon Strings announced that Mankey had lost her job.

    “Gryphon does not believe anyone should be harassed or subject to hate speech no matter their beliefs,” the store wrote in a Tuesday Facebook post. “Music has historically been something that has brought people of diverse socio-political backgrounds together.”

    The man wearing the hat, identified only as Victor, told NBC Bay Area that Mankey called him a “Nazi” and tried to get other Starbucks customers to shame him.

    “This woman comes over, and she says, ‘Is that a Trump hat?’ I said, ‘I think it is, yes.’ And then she turned to the rest of the audience, the people in Starbucks and said, ‘Hey, everybody! Come over here! Let’s get this guy! He’s a hater! I’m calling him out! He hates brown people. He’s a Nazi,'” Victor said.

    In her Facebook post, Mankey wrote that Victor threatened to call the cops, and said she encouraged him to do so.

    “[I] Wanted him to call the police because I wanted to know his name, where he lived, his wife’s name, and where kids went to school,” she wrote.

    Mankey, who said she was “born and bred” in Palo Alto, told the Palo Alto Weekly that she and her family have received death threats after the incident.

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    1. Yidden, while I support free speech, a little common sense should be shown. It is against Halacha to place one’s life in danger. This incident could have ended far worse for the gentleman wearing the MAGA hat. Therefore, one should not go anywhere alone wearing that hat. There are all sorts of mishagoyim out there, who are just looking for trouble.

    2. Well, Rebecca Parker Monkey did accomplish getting SOMEONE fired because of the MAGA hat!
      In regards to Victor F., the Trump supporter:
      as Voltaire, the French anti-Semite, famously did not say:
      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    3. deranged democrat hypocrite wanted to find out who and where this guy was and lived so he could be harassed by leftist fascists now she is being harassed well mida k’neged mida.

    4. The social services should investigate whether she is fit to look after children if she has any. Probably they should be put into care. Their mother is mentally unstable.

    5. To #
      1) Stop hiding behind ” Anonymous”
      2) This is America- Yes Jews need to be of all the hate out there, but should you not wear a Yarmulke because of Hate ? Should you change your name to an Anglo name to hide your Jewishness ? Yes , Jews have to be aware of the hate and Anti-Semitism, , but we can’t be afraid of it.


    6. #9 is the reincarcerated ‘hashomer’ aka anti semite. his new user name fools no one. he wants to rile us up. unless he posts his true name, the old bag needs to be ignored.

    7. MAGA hat with Brown Shirt is a very dangerous combination. There are no good people a both sides. This is a first when even the biggest pro-Trump EDUCATED is not in the first 18 posts. He must know the meaning of Brown-Shirts so he respectfully stays out of this.

    8. Gays of both sexes, who claim to be discriminated against, can be just as discriminatory, biased, and violent, as straight people. This incident was a perfect example. If Victor had removed his hat, and the lesbian would have seen his kippah, there is no doubt in my mind that her sewer mouth would have unleashed the vilest anti-semitic invectives against him. He should have called the cops.


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