Brooklyn, NY – Jews And Others Ridiculed By 66 Precinct Cops, Charges NYPD Detective’s Lawsuit


    Brooklyn, NY – A civil right complaint filed with the NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges that the 66 Precinct, which covers Borough Park, has “frat house” mentality where minorities are mocked and detectives play video games while earning overtime.

    The Daily News ( reported that 49 year old Detective Michael Moy filed the suit last week. Moy, who has been with the 66 Precinct for 24 years, is a Chinese American, one of many groups that he claimed were belittled by two NYPD detectives named in the suit: 14 year veteran Anthony Carreira and 25 year veteran James Dawson.

    According to Moy, he has heard Dawson referring to Jews as “filthy Jews,” “dirty Jews,” and “beards.” Moy alleged that the two detectives have also lampooned African-Americans, Chinese, Muslims, Indians, Mexicans and gays, with both civilians and fellow officers ridiculed. The mockery extends as high as the 66 Precinct’s African-American precinct commander, Deputy Inspector David Wall with the two detectives reportedly playing a video clip of an African-American cartoon character repeatedly as Wall has left the precinct.

    Moy also alleged that Carreira and Dawson provide poor service to minorities who report crimes to the precinct.

    “They don’t get the same quality of investigation as other people,” said Moy. “Especially the Chinese because they don’t speak English and [detectives] can close the case easily.”

    Moy was stripped of his shield and gun, placed on modified duty and sent for counseling and psychiatric treatment last month after getting into an argument with Dawson over the volume of a precinct television set. According to Moy, the environment has worsened since Sergeant Gary Carporale joined the precinct several years ago and was promoted to commanding officer approximately three years ago. Carporale, said Moy, does nothing to stop the abusive behavior.

    The NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Phillip Walzak said that the investigation was being taken seriously and that no discrimination would be tolerated. Retired NYPD Captain Warner Frey, the former head of the Detective Bureau Investigations Unit, said that if proven true, Moy’s allegations would “reveal catastrophic failures in professional standards and executive oversight.”

    “This situation is another example of the lack of transparency within the Department discipline system and the inability of the Department to police itself,” said Frey.

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    1. Doesn’t come as a big surprise .I have found this attitude with anyone with authority ,be it Fire ,Sanitation ,Police , BOB,DEP .Even the supposed private sector ,like Con Ed and Nat Grid .

      • “anyone with authority” Correct. Starting with the TOP. Charlotte Nazi rally chanting “Jews will not replace us” “Fine people on both sides” D. Trump

    2. You hear shomrim and the all knockers, this is how you’re close buddy’s speak about you behind your back (we all new this all along only you babies don’t have enough brains to know this).

    3. I don’t know about games played or antisemitism. I do know that when you call 911 because of non-emergency car accidents, you goto wait 45 minutes to an hour sometimes for a cop to show up. if they are busy back at the station playing games, it hurts.

    4. 99% of the cops hate frum Yidden, as do 99% of a trumpoid goose-schleppers. If you don’t think so check out the comments on the trumpist websites. They hate us. We love them. Very klieg.

    5. Its not just the 66th precinct. The 70 precinct is extremely anti-semitic as well, they will automatically take the side of the non-jew and refuse to take complaints from Jews. In a separate incident, a “sergeant” from the 70 precinct made offensive derogatory comments about Jews and how they cant call 911 on Shabbat so anyone calling on Shabbat is not Jewish and other offensive comments like that. Will never trust another cop again in my life. Jews should watch out and not trust any cop no matter how “friendly” s/he seems to be.

    6. not surprised at all. the word professional and NYPD has not gone together for generations, the 66 and the neighboring 70 is made up of the nastiest and laziest trash the NYPD has to offer and that says a lot about a police department constantly in the news for raping women in custody, bribery and other negative things. crime is “falling” because Dunkin donut eaters just don’t show up.

    7. Everyone is so surpried! The 66 pct really does not care for our communities. They try to make life hard for our volunteers our citizens. In the last few years it has gotten much worse. All that they are intrested is ticketing the cars and people.

    8. Don’t forget, that in 2006, during Chol Hamoed Pesach, it was the goons from the 66th Precinct, as well as NYPD goons from other precincts, who indiscriminately pulled hair out of beards of frum Jews, and shoved women. They would not have acted that way in Bay Ridge or in Bed-Stuy. Every Jewish politician in NYC were critical of their heavy handed tactics, with the exception of that little creep, Bloomberg. He had the gall to come into Borough Park in 2009, looking for votes. Incidentally, the 70th precinct doesn’t surprise me. I lived in that precinct for other twenty years. In 1997, one of their goons tortured an innocent civilian in the bathroom of that precinct. The cops was convicted, and sentenced to 30 years. He is still in jail. There were other cops who were involved who also served time, and were thrown off the force. The cops routinely called frum Jews “beards”, and worse, and make reference to lampshades and Jews. When I worked for the NYPD as a civilian, one cop told me about “dirty Jews”. The worst ethnic group there are the Irish cops who hate the Italian cops, and other groups. The German cops aren’t much better.

    9. lets be honest folks, who are the NYPD, they are the dr**k of society who barely finished high school and who now due to having a gun, a shield and power feel like kings, but they are only 1 level above the thugs they SUPPOSEDLY protect us from.

    10. NYPD
      New York’s Laziest
      C[orruption] P[rocrastination] R[acism]

      New York’s Wildest

      New York’s Sloppiest

      Municipal Employees
      New York’s Dumbest

      Government Officials
      New York’s Dirtiest

      Transit Workers
      New York’s Latest

      New York’s Sickest

      • There are plenty of good, hard working municipal workers. At least they are contributing to make people’s lives better and not sitting on their rump collecting every government handout under the sun.


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