Brooklyn, NY – 15 Years To Life For Conspirator In Stark Murder


    FILE - Kendel Felix (pictured left in court May 1 2014) is arraigned for the murder of Menacham Stark in Brooklyn Criminal Court. AP Brooklyn, NY – Kendel Felix, who was previously convicted of first degree kidnapping and second degree murder in the 2014 killing of Williamsburg landlord Menachem Stark, was sentenced today to the minimum sentence of 15 years to life in prison in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

    There were tears on both sides of the courtroom prior to sentencing as Felix expressed remorse over what had happened and asked the Stark family for forgiveness.

    “He made a bad decision and thought he was going to be involved in a robbery which was bad enough, but he never intended to get involved in anyone’s death,” Stark sister in law Tziri Hershkowitz told VIN News. “He made it clear that had he not been part of this, Menachem would still be home.”

    Felix’s remorse seemed genuine and his attitude and remarks were lacking the cruelty and indifference seen in some of the other defendants, noted Hershkowitz, leaving the family with the feeling that justice has been served in this case.

    “Maybe it is our Jewish hearts but we all felt bad for his family and his parents,” said Hershkowitz. “He got dragged into something that was never his intention. A longer sentence won’t bring Menachem back.”

    Felix, who cooperated with prosecutors in building a case against plot mastermind, cousin Erskin Felix, has already served five years in prison. As previously reported on VIN News (, Erskin Felix was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree kidnapping and tampering with evidence in early April. He was due to be sentenced today as well, but his sentencing was delayed until June because he was exposed to the measles while being treated in the hospital for an illness.

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    1. Yup the great justice system worked again.
      A person is gets killed his life snuffed out at a young age the people who were involved one way or another wont be spending their life in prison. But,
      Samet gets 27 years.
      Rubashkin 27 years.
      A man has his word against a girls word without mentioning names gets 50 years.


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