Brooklyn, NY – Profanity And Sheitel Pulling As Jewish Woman Accosted In Crown Heights Park


    Brooklyn, NY – A visit to a Crown Heights playground turned ugly today when a Jewish woman found herself involved in a verbal exchange that turned physical.

    Police said that the incident took place at 11:37 this morning at Hamilton Metz Field at the southwest corner of Albany and Lefferts avenues.

    According to the NYPD, two women were at the playground when an unidentified woman came up to them. An argument ensued with the unidentified woman reportedly saying, “you [obscenity]” to one of the women. The exchange grew more heated, with the unidentified woman pulling the hair of one of the Jewish ladies, causing her wig to partially fall off.

    Yediot Aharonot reporter Rebecca Griffin took to Twitter after witnessing the attack.

    “This lady just attacked a few Jewish women at the park, after threatening to ‘[obscenity] up all them Jews.’ She came over, looking straight at me – and I ran out of the way – and she went on to attack other Jewish women.”

    Video posted to Twitter by Griffin showed the alleged suspect leaving the park, holding a small child by the hand.

    The suspect is an African-American woman believed to be in her thirties, 5’4” weighing 160 pounds. She was wearing black jeans, a multi-colored top and black sandals at the time of the attack.

    Police said that they could not say if the attack was being investigated as a hate crime at this time.

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    1. I have to laugh when the idiot cops say that “it wasn’t a hate crime”. If it was the other way around, with the Jews attacking the Blacks, then the U.S. Justice Dept., would become involved. Incidentally, the so-called “peace”, which supposedly took place after the Crown Heights Pogrom of 1991, is a bunch of baloney. There has never been any peace there. I can’t understand why Jews have to remain in that horrible area. Surely, Chabad is not married to 770 Eastern Parkway. Can’t they move to the suburbs, away from the lower class sociological, racist, anti-Jewish element, which populates Crown Heights?

      • You clearly know nothing of the the history of Chabad’s position on leaving an established Jewish community, and specifically the last Rebbe’s often stated position on staying in Crown Heights…you also are ignorant of the substantial, successful and ongoing efforts to bring the two communities living in Crown Heights.

    2. I had to laugh the way this article states that “the two women (Chassidic women), became involved in a heated verbal exchange”. It implies that they provoked the altercation with the racist b—–, which started it. These articles are always so one-sided, when Jews are victims.


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