Berlin – Video: Palestinians Beat Israeli Musician in Germany


    Berlin – German Palestinians violently attacked the Israeli clarinetist Daniel Gurfinkel in Berlin in the first week of May, according to a YouTube video that surfaced on Thursday.

    According to a report on by the German reporter Ulrich W. Sahm on the website of Audiator, “A dozen hateful Palestinians can be seen beating up Daniel Gurfinkel at an event on a large square.”

    Gurfinkel said in a statement: “I walked through Hermann square and saw that there was a demonstration against Israel. I am a resident of the State of Israel. The attack began immediately when I began to support my country with a single word. I’ve been struck on the head and I’m in pain so far. I was in total shock. ”

    The YouTube video caption reads: “Germany: Man attacked at Palestinian event for allegedly yelling ‘Israel.'”

    As of late Thursday, more than 7,000 people have viewed the antisemitic attack on Gurfinkel.

    Hermann square is located in the Berlin district of Neukölln, a neighborhood with a large German Muslim population.

    “The police treated the incident with great indifference and did not immediately arrest the attackers,” Gurfinkel said. “As you can see in the video. The police did not protect me immediately and it took more than 5 minutes to complete. I have been living in Berlin for four years and did not think that would happen to me. In any case, I will continue to support my country. The police must be more vigilant in such situations.”

    The Audiator report quoted a Berlin police spokesman who said that , in general, “I can inform you that in the course of the event on Hermann square on May 4, 2019, we have five complaints for assault, attempted bodily harm, dangerous bodily harm, use of signs from unconstitutional organizations, and a violation of the right to assemble.”

    The attack occurred at a pro-Palestinian event where calls for the destruction of Israel were heard such as “Palestine from the river to the sea.” The Berlin Morgenpost reporter Alexander Dinger reported on Twitter about the antisemitic slogan. The Palestinian events also promoted the boycott, divestment, sanction (BDS) campaign targeting Israel.

    Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, wrote The Jerusalem Post by email: “An Israeli musician beaten in Berlin by Palestinians and police initially react indifferently. Chancellor Merkel, Mayor Mueller–Is this the new normal for Jews in Germany?”

    Daniel and his twin brother, Alexander, 27, are musical students at the Hanns Eisler Academy in Berlin.

    The brothers were born in 1992 and “began their musical education in the year 2000 and by age 12, they were invited by Zubin Mehta to appear as soloists in the annual concert for young musicians with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra,” according to their website.

    Pro-Palestinian activists distributed antisemitic flyers at the events targeting The Jerusalem Post, the German Jewish author and journalist, Henryk M. Broder, and the Green Party politician Volker Beck who opposes BDS. The pro-Palestianian activists also urged a boycott of the the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv next week.

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