Williamsburg , NY – Hit And Run Driver Seen In Shocking Video Striking Pregnant Woman Arrested


    Brooklyn, NY – A Crown Heights man is under arrest in a serious hit and run accident last week that sent a pregnant Chasidic woman to the hospital.

    Police said that 27 year old Rahleek Odom of 1010 President Street was arrested on Thursday in connection with the incident that took place a day earlier at approximately 2:50 PM at the intersection of Lee Avenue and Middleton Street.

    Police said that Odom sideswiped a Volkswagen driven by a 21 year old woman before plowing into the intersection, hitting the unidentified 25 year old Chasidic woman in the crosswalk.

    Surveillance video showed the woman flying off the roof of the car and landing across intersection, her belongings scattering everywhere. The car sped on, driving on the sidewalk in an effort to escape police.

    The woman suffered a broken tibia, pelvis and collarbone. The Daily News (http://bit.ly/30eKiVV) reported that she and her baby were both in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital.

    Police discovered the abandoned Chrysler in front of 234 Franklin Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvestant after the accident.

    According to ABC News (https://7ny.tv/30fOm8o), Odom was reportedly fleeing police who attempted to stop him because of his vehicle’s illegally tinted windows when the accident occurred.

    Odom surrendered to police on Thursday. He was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident with a serious injury and for an equipment violation.

    He was previously arrested in 2009 for possession of a loaded weapon and in 2010 for assault.

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    1. De blasio is shrinking rikers by a 3rd since “crime is falling” soon there will be no room for these trayvon Martin Obama imaginary son’s thugs

      • Trayvon Martin was murdered while walking down the street for wearing a hooded sweatshirt and eating Dorito chips. Adding Obama just makes your statement bigoted and prejudiced. Neither of them ran down an innocent pregnant woman, who Baruch HaShem Did not die or become crippled. Remember your attitude toward others the next time you proclaim anti-Semite. Which 100% of the time is ugly bigotry and hatred. But not anti-Semitism that is only a inflammatory word. A Governmental is Body refusing something to Jewish People by enacting a Law is what anti-Semitism is. That has not happened ever in the United States.

        • Trayvon was out stealing that night he was a thug/criminal wearing a hoodie as so many thugs wear to conceal their face, robert Zimmerman was a victim of overzealous prosecutors he defended himself against a known threat, bring back stop and frisk

        • Agreed Obum didn’t run down a pregnant woman but he definitely created the climate where many Policeman were executed five of them in Dallas alone.

    2. The judicial system in NYC has become a bad joke. These sub human types know they can practically do anything they want with little fear of severe punishment.
      DeBlasio has more empathy for certain ethnic/racial criminals than their innocent victims. NYPD has had its hands tied trying to enforce the law while these progressive liberal judges make a mockery of the law.
      NYC is becoming a public cesspool under the liberals.

    3. She should have a R”S. Curious if others noticed in the video of this
      that she kind of darted into the street. If she would have looked first
      perhaps it would not have happened. Just a thought.

      • I know this area all too well and that’s the first thing I noticed how she darted into the street without looking. There is a far greater chance that she crossed against the light than the car going through a red. I don’t wish her badly and daven that she should have a complete and speedy refuah shelaima. But for goodness sake, what will it take for members of that community to start crossing the street safely?!!?!

        • After viewing the unedited video, it is clear that she had a solid green light (you can see another car waiting patiently at the light).
          However, I don’t see any baby involved, just some grocery bags.
          It’s a miracle she did not have serious injuries.

    4. the driver has a prior police record that is NOT so ideal. He should be put away and not in prison.

      Everyone should look both ways before crossing the street TWICE!


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