Brooklyn, NY – Four Year Jail Term For Reichberg In NYPD Bribery Scheme


    Brooklyn, NY – Four months after he was first found guilty on multiple counts of bribery and conspiracy to commit honest services fraud involving police officials, Jeremy Reichberg has been sentenced to four years in prison plus two year of supervised release. Reichberg had been facing a maximum sentence of 65 years.

    Word of Reichberg’s sentence, initially scheduled to be handed down last month, was first announced on Twitter by Daily News reporter Steven Brown. He is expected to begin serving his prison term in Otisville on August 12th according to a tweet by Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press.

    Just moments before his sentencing, an emotional Reichberg asked District Judge Gregory Woods for leniency, reported the New York Post ( Reichberg had difficulty reading his prepared statement, stopping often to wipe away tears.

    “I acted as an adolescent, wanting special attention, feeling that I was entitled to get special attention for my friends who were police officers,” said the 44 year old Reichberg.

    Reichberg’s lawyer had argued that her client had been acting solely to bolster his public image and that his actions created no public danger. That notion was disputed by Assistant District Attorney Martin Bell, who said that Reichberg and former friend Jona Rechnitz had curried favors regarding arrests and gun licenses. Rechnitz took a plea bargain deal with authorities that had him testifying for nine days against Reichberg.

    “This was not a crime that created an appearance of favoritism,” said Bell. “This was impropriety of the most basic sort. This was favoritism, bought and paid for.”

    Reichberg’s sentencing comes on the same day that four high ranking NYPD officers sued the City of New York, saying that they were forced to retire in order to protect both Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton from the bribery investigation that rattled The Big Apple.

    The Daily News ( reported that former Inspector Peter DeBlasio and former Deputy Chief Andrew Capul, David Colon and Eric Rodriguez were forced out in 2016. All four had been mentioned in court documents related to the bribery investigation but none faced any charges.

    “At the end of the day you always need sacrificial lambs,” said Capul. “But we don’t know why. Why us?”

    The four officers had a combined 120 years of NYPD experience between them. Capul said that they were never told what they had done wrong.

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      • OK. But how about we start with the basics? What they did was assur and illegal.
        Bribes? Prostitutes? Those are the real problems.

        Yet we will get up in arms if a girl’s skirt is an inch too short or hose the wrong shade, if somebody has a smart phone, etc.

    1. What happened to all those that kept FLASHING the picture of Reb Shayala during the court trial. It antagonized prospectors who complained to the judge. Did it help??? – I guess it helps as much as the picture chases away mice!
      What it really did – was show what kind of “silly foolish” people we are. If you saw some group, say, Italians flashing pictures of some gallach in Italy believing it will jinx the jury or prosecutors – what would WE think of them?
      Anyway, who started this in our religion – to use flash cards at trials as good luck charms. Did chazal use these ideas or they said to say Tihillem
      Why only Reb Shayala, what about the Yismach Moshe, the Rogathover, the Baal Shem, the Imrei Chaim – they won’t work??
      Also, why only Rebbes , why can’t Gedolim pictures also work, The Chofetz Chaim, the Chazon Ish, Rav Kotler, Reb Shmuel Birnbaum?? I guess the Litvisha have a bit more brains then the chassidim.
      We do need rachamim shmayim!

        • Please cite a reputable source. I reject any use of pictures for any form of segulos. The concoction of new segulos is a serious problem, and often recognized as a violation of the issur of לא תנחשו.

      • Those who were holding pictures of Reb Shayala are direct descendants of his. Did yo know that? The prosecutor together with the Moiser Rechnitz made fun of the Reb Shayale pictures with. The prosecutor was out for blood. He talked about the blood and veins of NY being the NYPD. He used his stance to further his chances of becoming a judge. He was mean, and absolutely vengeful and spiteful. I didnt find him to be professional at all. The pictures I saw of Reb Shayale had tehillim on them, it was perek 119 with Reb Shayale’s name spelled out. I did not have it. I am not an ainikel. This was a heartbreak of a sentencing.
        IF it was your relative being dragged through the shmutz so that the lowlife rechnitz should not sit in jail, you would be speaking differently. I was there for professional reasons. I was able to see the bias there. The saddest thing is that the Judge was talking like he liked Yirmi. He said such nice things about him, and he felt that he was being lenient. Original guidelines spoke about 10-12 years, so four years is lenient! Hashem yishmor! Here is a family that will suffer endlessly, and we have yidden making fun?

    2. Let’s hope he wins on appeal. With all the dirt in the media and the cards stacked against the defendants in this case, the Cop gets cleared of every single charge, the yid is acquitted of the top charge but guilty on the rest. This wasn’t exactly a slam dunk case altogether.

    3. What those two did was flattering to their ego’s but illegal, immoral and an embarrassment to Jews who live within the law. The sentence was very light and I hope their time away from home is enough for them to reflect on their misdeeds.
      Part of this mess is the shame that the morally bankrupt Mayor of NYC wasn’t brought down because of his alleged involvement.


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