Albany, NY – Parents Rally At NY State Capitol To Keep Vaccine Exempt


    Albany, NY – Hundreds of parents and vaccine skeptics have called on New York lawmakers not to narrow existing exemptions to the state childhood immunization rules.

    The group stood in the rain outside the state Capitol Tuesday urging lawmakers to protect a state law that permits people not to vaccinate their children for religious reasons. They say that parents are best suited to make medical decisions for their children — even if the vaccines are recommended by public health experts.

    Some lawmakers have proposed eliminating the religious exemption amid an ongoing measles outbreak. Most of the cases seen in New York are among unvaccinated people in Orthodox Jewish communities.

    Measles was once common in the U.S. but gradually became rare after vaccination campaigns that started in the 1960s.

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    1. As long as they keep the Jewish religion out of their phobia, who cares. And yes, they should please hold their kids home until this epidemic is over. people believe so much nonsense these days, so this one fits in well.

    2. Where in the good books is vaccination prohibited?
      One is prohibited from using religion as a spade with which to dig
      These people are embarrassing the Jewish people by misrepresenting our religion

    3. There is NO basis in Torah Law to not vaccinate. It is a gross distortion to believe it is, and those parading this need to be silenced by our Torah leaders. If they wish to claim to have a personal belief system, that is on them. But no one should get away with blaming this mishugaas on Torah. It is a filthy lie to say that Torah promotes this.

      • Tge torah commands us ‘venishmartem meod’ we must guard our bodies very well. Rambam guarantees that if we follow a healthy lifestyle,we will never die of disease. We believe that Hashem created our bodies perfectly and we do not need 72 vaccines in order to survive. Evolution believes we evolved, just came into existance and therefore need manmade help so our bodies can survive.

    4. Religious freedom is a fundamental right, and the government should not force people to inject pharmaceutical products into their bodies over their sincerely held religious beliefs.

      The New York vaccination rate is currently 97% for the 7 vaccines surveyed by the CDC. The existing religious exemption has not decreased rates.

      Many vaccines are made using aborted fetal tissue.

      The claimed justification – that unvaccinated individuals pose a health risk to others — is unsupported in the medical literature. In fact, vaccinated individuals can pose greater risk to public health due to a process known as shedding. Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

      The US Supreme Court recognizes vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” and to cause injury and death in some recipients.

      A web search should find detailed responses for any of these statements.

    5. Also…
      Note the following points as well:

      Vaccine makers and the healthcare providers who administer them bear zero liability for vaccine injuries and deaths. Thus, moral incentives aside, vaccine makers have no economic incentive to make vaccines safe.

      Physicians, in the American Medical Association Code of Ethics, affirm philosophical and religious exemptions for themselves. Parents should have that same right.

    6. With all the hype of the ongoing measles outbreak, many innocent people have unknowingly been pulled along with the media. We keep on hearing..’measles kills, measles is dangerous…vaccines are safe and effective…totally safe…totally effective..vaccines save live…’
      Now ‘safe’ as we define it is ‘not exposed to risk’ yet in medical dictionary, safe is defined as ‘benefits outweigh the risks’. So lets not argue whether there are dangers involved with vaccines, we know there are. Even supreme court has quoted vaccines as ‘unavoidably unsafe.’ The controversy we are experiencing now is-is the risk of measles greater than the risks of vaccines? Hashem in His infinite wisdom created our bodies healthy and perfect, with wondrous systems like digestive, reproductive, and also immune systems. When we take proper care of our bodies and dont tamper with it, it can do wondrous things,including fighting the new plague-measles.(1/500,000 deaths in US) And although theres a lot I dont know, something in me tells me that we dont need 72 vaccines (by the time we reach 18 years of age)in order to survive.
      And so, some people who have that same gut feeling like me, have made an informed decision that measles, a once-typical childhood disease has less risks and actually greater benefits than the vaccine created to prevent it. Bottom line, we all want to stay healthy and safe which is the reason why some of us vaccinate and some do not.
      Now the issue on hand is called ‘The Blame Game’.
      1. Lets blame the ‘anti-vaxxers for killing immune compromised ppl.
      Now ppl. I have big news for you. If someone has an immune compromised system, they can die from…The Common Cold! Such ppl must be really careful around ANY germs, bacteria, or virus, whether theres a vaccine for it or not. Now how deadly is measles? Fyi, you have a greater chance of dying from a lightning strike than dying of measles. Yes, I agree 100 % that people who choose measles over vaccines must deal with the downside of staying home IF they get sick, until no longer contagious.
      2. Lets blame then for chillul hashem
      Now this is what I’d really like to address. Like you quoted,dear rabbi, hevei mitalmidav shel aharon…ohev shalom vrodef shalom… wow. Right on target.
      What is shalom? Unfortunately, this outbreak ‘crisis’ seems to have been a test at our ahavas chaveirim, one which we have failed terribly. The name-calling, shaming, disinviting,and yes, not allowing children to play together because someone’s views and opinions dont align with yours? Brother vs. Brother! Jew vs. Jew! How painful is that to Hashem? And when He sees this, He ch’v says: If he is not your brother, then I am not your father…Anti-semitism on the rise?yes, amongst our very own! Why then should THEY tolerate us?
      Let’s put an end to all this blame and shame and start respecting one another for their decision. Lets chill a bit and not get into the hysteria the media and ultimately pharmaceutical co. are trying to create to fit their agenda. Media is feeding one sided info and anyone challenging that will be silenced by big pharma. Do your research instead of parroting the media. May g-d protect us all.
      As a side note, for those concerned about the unvaxxed ruining it for all since we need herd immunity (95%) in order for vaccines to work: i have sad new: about 50% of VACCINATED adults walking the streets are not IMMUNE and can and have spread measles, simply because vaccines do not give lifelong immunity as the disease itself does. It wanes with time and most adults need boosters in order to be immune.
      And you ask, what will convince us that its safer to vaccinate?
      Very simply, SHOW US THE SAFETY STUDIES. Stop trying to prove the educated wrong and START PROVING YOURSELF RIGHT! Where are the studies?that’s all.

      • You have a philosophical reason for not vaccinating
        It is not a religious reason
        Where in our religion does it prohibit vaccinating
        If Hashem made everybody perfect,how doyou explain the death of a new born?
        Hashem created disease and also medicine and operations to cure disease
        We do not cross the street with our eyes closed and we do not live our lives without
        going to doctors and health providers
        I remember the days before the Salk and Sabin vaccines
        I do not want to go back to those days
        Hashem created polio and he also creates Dr Jonas Salk


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