Hackberry, LA – Confident Trump Handicaps Democratic Field During Energy Speech


    U.S. President Donald Trump reacts to the crowd during a visit to the Cameron LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Export Facility in Hackberry, Louisiana, U.S., May 14, 2019. REUTERS/Leah MillisHackberry, LA – President Donald Trump came to southern Louisiana on Tuesday to extol the benefits of U.S. energy production but could not resist a slashing critique of the Democrats battling to face him in the 2020 presidential race.

    “I’m looking at the competition. You sort of dream about competition like that, you know?” he told several hundred workers at the Cameron liquefied natural gas export terminal in Hackberry, Louisiana.

    Trump’s review of the candidacies of South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Joe Biden, former congressman Beto O’Rourke and U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders showed he was keeping a keen eye on the crowded Democratic presidential contest.

    After talking up the benefits of LNG exports, Trump dove into his assessment of Democratic presidential contenders, who are eager to deny him a second term and have bashed his presidency on the campaign trail.

    He drew out the pronunciation of Buttigieg’s surname, which the candidate pronounces as “Boot-edge-edge,” and noted O’Rourke’s bid to relaunch his campaign after his initial outing fizzled with voters.

    “Beto is falling fast. What the hell happened? Remember, about four weeks ago, he said: ‘I was made for this.’ He was made for it. He was made to fall like a rock,” said Trump.

    Then he turned to Biden, the front-runner in the Democratic field that now numbers more than 20.

    “I don’t know what the hell happened to Biden. What happened to him? I’m looking and I said: ‘That doesn’t look like the guy I knew.’ What happened to him?” asked Trump.

    Trump, who has in the past dubbed Sanders “Crazy Bernie,” returned to that theme on Tuesday, saying: “You know, Bernie is crazy.” But he added: “Bernie has got a lot more energy than Biden, so you never know.”

    Trump, with an approval rating in the low 40 percent range, is no shoe-in for re-election. He has a strong economy on which to campaign, but his divisive policies on issues such as immigration as well as his trade war with China and struggles with Iran, North Korea and Venezuela could prove serious obstacles.

    But he expressed confidence in his chances.

    “Boy, you got some beauties there. Three hundred and fifty million people and that’s the best we can do. I don’t think so. Even as Democrats, I could pick better than that,” he said.

    Trump later traveled to the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, for a campaign fundraiser. The event, attended by 225 people, raised $4 million for his campaign and the Republican National Committee.

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    1. Deranged Donald is attacking the mysterious ‘deep state’ by plotting war against Iran, by having a trade war with China, by making war on democracy and the press, and ignoring Federal subpoenas and the Rule of Law. Wow, he’s great. For a tin pot dictator who loves nazi Viktor Orban.

      • Go to hell kapo scum, your messiah the obamanation loved Jew hating dictators from Khomeini to Erdogan from Chavez to Castro all while condemning Israel at every turn feh

        • Grow up and start thinking for yourself for a change. Where in the comment was there any reference to Obama? You have no idea what the commenter’s opinion is of Obama. Blasting Trump doesn’t mean she likes Obama. Your world is like a black and white cartoon pamphlet.

      • Please stick to one user name and stop spamming vin. Vin you use to enforce these rules, please limit #1 to one name.

        Now that we established you are a liar and dirty con man yourself we can talk about the con mans comments about another con man. ( it takes one to know one)

        Trump is not taking on any deep state. The China tarrifs are precisely his campaign promise. You always say he lied, well he didn’t since he really did slap tarrifs. And it will bring China to its knees. They will come begging . In the short term Americans will pay but we will adapt and china will lose big.

        Re attacking the free press. Good bec they deserve it. They have been spreading fake news for years. It’s time to call them out and discredit them. They are Not so holly

      • And his Jewish Family and his orthodox accountants oh forgot Obama was a Jew lover and the Democrats with their self-hating Jews who are turning a blind eye 2 anti-Semitism in their party

    2. Tomorrow the fake news media the propaganda arm of the Democrat party will claim he lied because there are only 327 million people in the US not 350 and of those only 163 million or so are over 35 and of those many are not natural born citizens.

    3. Did you year the part of his speech where he talked about green energy and claimed that numerous bald eagles were being killed by windmills? And for those who have television he again claimed that with wind sourced energy thwy would be unable to watch TV if the wind wasn’t blowing.

    4. He is right about the weakness of the opposition. Not much there. Interested in learning more about Hickenlooper but I don’t see any real All Stars.

    5. I’m in your heads alt-yidden trolls. Not everyone is a knuckle-dragging deranged donald follower. And not one of you trolls ever refutes my comments. You just resort to attacking me, or your manhood fantasy of Obama.

      • You’re in nobody’s head. All part of your delusional self-importance. You once described yourself as Paul Revere lol. There is hardly anything you write that can be refuted as it’s just a bunch of paranoid rambling and ranting. Too much huffington post and too little medication is your issue.


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