Brooklyn, NY – Suspect In Williamsburg Assault Arrested And Charged


    Brooklyn, NY – One week after a 39-year-old Chasidic man was assaulted while walking down a Williamsburg street, a 16 year old is under arrest and facing hate crime charges.

    Police declined to release any information about the suspect because of his age, but said that he had no history of prior arrests. He was charged this morning at the 90th Precinct with assault as a hate crime, aggravated harassment and harassment.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, the incident took place on May 7th at the corner of Marcy Avenue and Rodney Street.

    The victim was approached from behind and punched once in the the head, while his attacker fled. He was treated at the scene by Hatzolah for pain in his face and head, ringing in his ear and a small bruise on his hand.

    The victim declined a VIN News interview request, saying he preferred not to comment on the matter.

    The NYPD is still conducting an ongoing investigation into another assault that took place three days earlier with four men attacking a 42 year old Chasidic man in the area of Broadway and Lynch Street. The two incidents prompted a May 10th meeting between high ranking NYPD officials, elected officials and community leaders.

    Rabbi David Niederman, president of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, had been openly critical of the NYPD’s handling of anti-Semitic incidents in the area.

    He called on the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force and District Attorney Eric Gonzalez to conduct thorough investigations and, if warranted, prosecute perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

    Rabbi Niederman also urged state legislators to further clarify hate crime statutes so that those who perpetuate hate can be held fully accountable for their actions.

    “We must face the reality that here at home in New York City we have a serious problem of anti-Semitic attacks on identifiably Jewish members of our community,” said Rabbi Niederman. “People merely walking on the streets here feel like sitting ducks, worrying that they must look over their shoulder in fear of being hurt because of their faith.”

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      • How is your racism any different than this 16 year old’s? Are you as limited as he is, to think that all black people, including our ex president are violent? You think the mic isn’t on in here? It is.

    1. I think things were better when the JDL was in power and used decoys and patrolled the areas. If they caught some one attacking a Jew, they would come out of their van and beat the sh!t out of the attacker, breaking many bones and then leaving him in pain on the street to explain to the police what happened.

      His friends became frightened and did not try to attack another Jew.

      Alas, but time have changed and instead of the JDL, we have Hatzolah type groups who only administer aid to the victim…..

    2. To #4- In addtion to the JDL, the NYPD had cops dressed as Chassidim, who would act as decoys, for muggers. When they tried to rob, whom they thought were Chassidim, they got the surprise of their life, when they were staring down the barrel of a Smith & Wesson. It is ironic that not one of the main stream print media outlets, or even their online outlets, and not one of the cable and network tv stations, or even the radio stations, ever report these types of attacks.

    3. Poor innocent schvartze, The Rev AL will step up for him, and MR DeBloozer will run to his rescue. The time has come for the JDL. All over the world. We must defend ourselves. A Sig P365 with a 12 round clip & Ranger P+ ammo is my dont leave home with out. It makes a very powerful statement.

    4. To #10- According to the FBI, Blacks are statistically eight times more likely (based on their percentage of the US population), to engage in criminal acts of homicide, armed robbery, felonious assault, and rape, against Whites, than the other way around. Unfortunately, the news media never reports that fact. Why don’t you check those statistics yourself?


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