Brooklyn, NY – Teenage Yeshiva Boy Dies In Horrific Bike Accident In BP


    Brooklyn, NY – A 16 year old boy was killed late this afternoon in a tragic accident that took place on 17th Avenue near 53rd Street.

    Police said that the boy was riding his bicycle just after 5:30 when he was struck by a vehicle after he swerved to avoid the opening door of a parked car. Rescue crews rushed to the scene, where the overturned bicycle could be seen laying on the roadway.

    He was transported to Maimonides Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

    From photos circulating on social media it appears the boy was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

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      • BDE. So sad
        These delivery mopads are also to be banned they are a tragedy in the making. Why does this dumb Deblasio always wait for tragedy to enforce new laws. These mopads are a tremendous danger to pedestrians they HV no rules to follow they drive on sidewalks, opposite direction , don’t stop at corners

      • Just four weeks ago, in the afternoon of April 17th, a 26 year old cyclist was killed in the same area, on 47th street between 17th and 18th avenues.

        Two cyclists killed, four weeks and seven blocks apart from each other. Two cyclists killed by motor vehicles in less than a month.

        The crashes were caused by motor vehicles, the cyclists were the victims.

        Perhaps you think pedestrians should be banned from streets, since they are sometimes victims as well? All streets could be turned into highways. Brilliant idea.

        I recall another yeshiva student cyclist killed a few years ago about three blocks away. And other fatalities in the area and community in recent times as well. The incidents are not as rare and isolated as some people would like to think, Hashem yerachem.

        There need to be serious consequences when such things happen.

    1. BD”E
      This is a terrible tragedy, but it seems like it was an accident – that’s what an accident is, a bad confluence of events.
      Who is at fault – the driver of the parked car who should have checked his sideview mirror more careful to see the boy on the bike, the boy who wanted to avoid the opening door, the car who was going straight in his lane and didn’t expect the boy to swerve?
      There’s enough blame to go around, or, sometimes no one is particularly at fault.


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