Philadelphia – Muslim Groups Apologize For Video About Decapitating Jews: Mistake ‘Ours To Own’


    Philadelphia – Muslim leaders in Philadelphia are apologizing for an event last month at which children were captured on video speaking in Arabic about beheadings and the liberation of Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site.

    The Muslim American Society’s Philadelphia chapter and the Leaders Academy, a gathering space for cyberschooled children, issued a joint statement Wednesday saying “the mistake is ours to own.”

    A video uploaded to the chapter’s Facebook page shows children moving to a revolutionary anthem often used by Islamist groups, and two young girls reading from a prepared text. One says, “We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the … Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

    The statement says a volunteer aide selected the material and “feels terrible that she made a mistake.” The groups say that steps have been taken to make sure there isn’t a repeat.

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    1. They are full of …. !!!! In 1972 “60 Minutes” had a segment about how the “poor” Palestinians taught math to the kids …” If you have 10 Israelis , & you kill 4 how many do you have left ?” …

      • Again lyin pualin with his sneaky nonsense lies.

        It wasn’t a MISTAKE. Are you dumb? Its was on purpose. The only mistake they made is that it went public. This is whats taught in Palestinian text books . go read them. Hamas run camps have activities where they shoot israeli’s

    2. Read what they’re saying, they uploaded the wrong video but making and having those types of videos is not a problem, just as long as they don’t inavertently upload it. These arabs what a poor excuse of human beings, they are !!!

    3. “The groups say that steps have been taken to make sure there isn’t a repeat.”
      And the steps were to cut off the hands of those that uploaded the video.

      Also, where is Amnesty in this case, trying to protect human rights and prosecuting those that don’t. Don’t hear a peep from them here.


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