Jerusalem – Choosing Technology Over Spirituality: IDF Says ‘No Thanks’ to Tunnel-Finding Kabalistic Rabbi


    FILE - Israeli soldiers stand near a tunnel that crosses from Lebanon to Israel, on the border near Metula, in northern Israel, on December 24, 2018. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90Jerusalem – Its insistence on relying solely on technology and intelligence to identify hidden tunnels has had the IDF refusing to make use of a “secret weapon” that has successfully pinpointed multiple subterranean passages well ahead of the Israeli army for several years – a 50 year old kabalistic rabbi who lives in the Galil.

    According to a report published in The Times of Israel (, a senior IDF officer identified as Col. E. to prevent him from backlash within the IDF, detailed the rabbi’s ability to identify underground tunnels and describe horrific events that had taken place in a particular area years earlier.

    Explaining in a report to his superior officers that he is not religiously observant, Col. E. issued a recommendation that the rabbi, identified by The Times of Israel as Rabbi Yehuda, be tapped as a future resource in similar IDF operations.

    Col. E. was not the only one to bring Rabbi Yehuda’s unique abilities to the attention of high level officers. Multiple IDF members who agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity said that they had seen similar results while working at length with Rabbi Yehuda, prompting them to share their findings with their commanding officers.

    An IDF superintendent identified in the report as Y. recalled how Rabbi Yehuda had pinpointed the existence of a tunnel near Kibbutz Nahal Oz five years ago. Tragedy struck shortly thereafter, with five Israel soldiers murdered by a group of Palestinian terrorists.

    “G-d only knows how he knew, but that was exactly where the terrorists emerged a few months later during the war and killed the Givati soliders,” said Y. “Right in the same place where I had stood with him. I won’t ever forget that moment.”

    Y. said he understood the IDF’s refusal to accept kabalistic assistance.

    “It’s hard for anyone who hasn’t experienced it on the ground, as I did, to believe in it,” said Y. “If I come forward publicly, they’ll think I’m mentally ill.”

    Rabbi Yehuda’s assistant, identified in the report as Rabbi Moshe, charged the IDF with having a secular mentality.

    “The military and political leadership suffer from blindness and lives in a virtual bubble of reality,” said Rabbi Moshe, a former member of the IDF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence. “As a system, the system is anti-religious, and the chief of staff cannot afford to admit a need to receive help from other, spiritual elements.

    A statement released by the IDF said that it continues to monitor tunnel threats on the country’s borders as it has for years.

    “The IDF never relied at any stage upon citizens with any sort of abilities in order to locate attack tunnels. Rather, it used advanced technological and intelligence means only,” said the statement.

    Read the full in-depth report at The Times of Israel(

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    1. A true case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. What would it hurt to confirm rabbinic suggestions with technology? Either correct or not.

    2. Why reveal ur sources. Rest assured These secular commanders are only refusing in public this rabbis help but rest assured they r using him to reveal these tunnels

    3. I believe its possible for someone to get divinely inspired to find out the hidden. One question is if this Rabbi is going to be given more revelations or not…just because he got it once, doesn’t mean he will get it again. Actually, if he does get it again, he will be more than welcome to share it with the IDF and they will check it out….

      Since the geulah is expected to be B’Ahava, I believe that Israel will be overall protected somehow, by Trump or any other means, including our enemies batting each other (Iran vs Saudis), or even “prophecy’ of Rav Yehuda.


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