Jerusalem – Wildfires Sweep Across Israel As Heatwave Grips Region


    View of a fire raging in the Romema Neighborhood in Jerusalem on May 23, 2019. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90Jerusalem – Israeli police have ordered the evacuation of several communities in southern and central Israel as wildfires rage amid a major heatwave.

    Firefighters battled brushfires Thursday along the Gaza boundary, as well as near the country’s main international airport and outside Jerusalem. A major Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway was also closed to traffic because of the fire.

    Israel and the region are gripped by a major heatwave, with temperatures around the country reaching 100 F (38 C) and higher.

    It wasn’t immediately clear whether the fires near the boundary with Gaza were caused by incendiary balloons launched from the Palestinian enclave.

    Gaza militants had launched incendiary balloons into Israel on Wednesday, and in response, Israeli authorities reduced Gaza’s fishing zone from 15 nautical miles to 10.

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    1. I bet these were set , like the last time there were wildfires by so called Israeli arabs who for NOW have rights to live in our homeland.

    2. The fire in the picture above is adjacent to the neighborhoods of Unsdorf, Itri, and Mattersdorf. There are no Arabs anywhere nearby. Fires are set at that location almost every years starting with Lag B’omer and continuing throughout the summer. I’ll give you a hint. Boys don’t have school on Lag B’omer. Another hint, on other days, the fires commence after the boys’ schools end. EY desperately needs a smokey the bear type campaign before these boys by burn down their own homes, G-d forbid


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