Kiryas Joel, NY – Dashcam Video Sought After Armed Robber Makes Off With Thousands In KJ Robbery


    FILE - Dinev Road in Kiryas JoelKiryas Joel, NY – An investigation is underway in Kiryas Joel after a late afternoon armed robbery that had an unknown suspect making off with approximately $20,000 to $30,000 in cash.

    Sources told VIN News that the knifepoint robbery took place at approximately 5 PM on Dinev Road. The victim is believed to operate a mobile check cashing business out of his car.

    The suspect between 30 and 40 years old, is described as a tall, heavyset African American or Hispanic man who was last seen driving a four door black Nissan Sentra with white out of state license plates.

    New York State Police public information officer Trooper Steven Nevel told VIN News that the agency’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is on scene along with uniformed troopers.

    Anyone who was in the Dinev Road area at approximately 5 PM and has a dashcam in their vehicle is asked to contact the NYSP at 845-344-5300.

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    1. Mobile “check cashing” out of his car ??? Lets see if the 16 known Diniver Rebbes can now make a mofis (miracle) and get the money back – It happened on their watch – Dinov Street.
      If they can’t make a miracle, let therm get together and denounce “Car check cashing” on the named street of their ancestors.

      • Hey Moshe, rabeinu you ain’t. The rebbes you cite in your judgmental assumption concern themselves with their own. This mobile enterprise has zilch to do with their followers. So get a life and don’t be so quick to wag a finger at your fellow Yidden who are not as dumb as they may look to you.

      • i use to live on Dinev road for years, the make does noting have to do with the Dinev Rabbi’s, its like you would say all Rabbi’s who are named Green have to watch all our money because its also green

    2. I guess Satmar thought they have this exclusive paradise free of riff raff, Zionists, modern Jews and other “undesirables” but le and behold by hiring so many illegals to do your work and have those illegals colonize neighborhing Monroe and floor THEIR schools which caused enmity by the non Jews, the illegals now see they can rob with impunity, hard to feel back for folks who protest on behalf of Hamas, Iran and other anti Semites, Neturei Karta send ALL their kids to Satmar schools.


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