Washington – Trump Delays Mass Deportation Raids, Seeks Deal With Democrats


    FILE - In this April 3, 2019, file photo, a couple who did not want to give their names embrace outside CVE Group as a bus from LaSalle Corrections Transport departs the facility in Allen, Texas. APWashington – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he would postpone mass deportation raids as he seeks compromise with Democratic leaders on immigration issues.

    In a Twitter message, Trump said at “the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems.”

    U.S. House of Representatives’ Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in Congress, had urged religious leaders earlier on Saturday to pressure Trump to cancel the raids which were expected to target families in up to 10 U.S. cities on Sunday.

    Pelosi said in a release the expected raids would “inject terror into our communities” and tear families apart. “The President’s action makes no distinction between a status violation and committing a serious crime,” Pelosi said, urging faith-based and other leaders to convey to Trump the value of U.S. refugee resettlement programs.

    Trump, a Republican, told reporters on Saturday before heading to the Camp David presidential retreat that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was focused on getting the transnational street gang MS-13 out of the United States. When he later announced a delay in the raids, he said if no compromise with Democrats was reached, “Deportations start!”

    Many asylum seekers from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador cite gang violence driven largely by groups like MS-13 as the reason they come to the United States for refuge.

    Mark Morgan, acting director of ICE, said this week his agency would target for deportation families that have received a removal order from a U.S. immigration court.

    An operation was slated to launch on Sunday and expected to target up to 2,000 families facing deportation orders in as many as 10 U.S. cities, including Houston, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

    Trump wrote on Twitter earlier on Saturday that ICE will apprehend people who have run from the law. “These are people that are supposed to go back to their home country,” Trump wrote.

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      • Keep believing CNN, you stupid libtard. Obama is the one who had the cages for these people. And dems won’t make any deal to help the situation at the border because that would clash with this scenario they’ve painted for their low IQ supporters to swallow, as they care only about gaining political power, not the welfare of any illegal immigrants, much less American citizens.

    1. President Trump continues relentlessly in his fight to Make America Great Again…
      …but even a clear exoneration of ALL allegations of Russian collusion isn’t enough to stop the Left’s witch hunt.
      Fortunately, Americans across the nation are catching on to the MSM lies and now Trump’s approval rating has surpassed even Barack Obama’s highest!
      Americans realize this president is different. Join with thousands of Patriots today and sign the Thank You pledge!
      President Trump is actually fighting FOR US: whether it’s fighting like hell to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, prioritizing JOBS, or protecting our nation from terrorists…
      …all because he’s doing exactly what he promised he would do in office!
      Here are the FACTS:
      Since President Trump took office
      More Americans employed than ever before in our nation’s history
      Over 4 million new jobs created
      Unemployment hit 49-year low, with African-American and Hispanic unemployment lowest ever
      Historic US-Mexico Trade Deal
      Paris Climate Control Scrapped
      and on and on…
      We cannot let the lunatic Left outflank us in 2020! WE MUST KEEP TRUMP IN OFFICE!
      As much as the libs try to suppress the truth, President

    2. To @2 You are confused. VERT CONFUSED!! Have you every heard of the Aktions that took place during WW2. What Trump wants to do to these Spanish people is different than what the Germans did in WW2 . I guess Trump is is used to it because he is part German! They came for the Soanish and we said nothing, what will we say when they come for the Jews? It is no different, Sorry for the mis spelled word, Trump just makes me so angry!!


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