The original לקוטי מוהרן printed by reb Nassan in the underground print in Breslev 1821


On the heels of four celebrated auctions, the Genazym Auction House is now gearing up towards its up-and-coming event, at which two-hundred incredible items will be slated for auction.

Once again, the established auction house presents you with a rare selection of manuscripts and sefarim, compiled from across the spectrum of Chassidish and Litvishe gedolim.

First complete edition of Likutei Muharan authored by Rabbi Nachman of Bresslov, published in Breslov, 1821. Rabbi Natan risked his life by publishing the sefer in his home. Being that it was done without a censorship license.

Rabbi Nosson describes the process of publishing the sefarim in his home:

In 1819 I began to work on printing in my home, in order to go back and publish his holy sefarim along with several remarkable corrections, and I had great battles in [doing] this and many countless hindrances. And in His wondrous salvation, Hashem wanted me to succeed and I finished the business in three years; that is from the year 1819 until the end of 1821, when the printing of the holy sefarim, the first Likutei Moharan and Tannina, were completed….”

He later recounts how due to people who told out on his operations, government officials came to his home and closed his printing press.

Additional prominent selections include manuscripts from the acharonim, such as the Nesivos Mishpat, Ksav Sofer, Machaneh Chaim, Kol Arhey, Maharsham and Chafetz Chaim, to name a few. There are additional manuscripts from the great baalei mofsim, Rabbi Shaul Rosenberg of Ratzfert, the Ribnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Shalom of Shatz– London, and many additional Hungarian gedolim.

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Alongside this heartfelt letters, Genazym presents you with various additional vignettes of our history. Some of these include the first full-set Shulchan Aruch with Hagahos HaRema ever printed; handwritten chiddushei Torah from the Chassam Sofer; the first authentic Jewish translation of Chamisha Chumshei Torah into English;

From across the spectrum of both the Torah worlds of Lithuania and the Chassidic courts of Poland and Hungary, Genazym has handpicked a fascinating historical collection of manuscripts, letters and sefarim, brought to you by the leading professionals in the field. Each page of the catalogue, bears content; witnesses to the world that was.

All of these items and so many others are slated for auction at 6:30 pm (Jerusalem time) on the 16th of July, 2019, you can participate Live online at or reserve to be a phone bidder at 845-5019990  or at Beit Tovei Ha’ir, located on Malchei Yisrael, 36, Jerusalem.

To view these items and read more about them visit

The Genazym catalogue is available at select bookshops.

For further inquiries, please call 845-501-9990 or email

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