London – UK Labour Party In Turmoil Over New Anti-Semitism Claims


    Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, speaks during Question Time inside the House of Commons in London, Wednesday July 10, 2019.   Britain's ambassador to the United States, veteran diplomat Kim Darroch resigned Wednesday, prompting Prime Minister Theresa May and other British politicians to praise Darroch. (Jessica Taylor/House of Commons via AP)London – Britain’s main opposition Labour Party was in turmoil Thursday after a television documentary renewed allegations that anti-Semitism is rife within its ranks.

    In the BBC program, former staff members of the left-of-center party recounted receiving anti-Semitic abuse and alleged that senior party officials interfered in complaint investigations.

    Accusations of hostility toward Jews have riven Labour since left-winger Jeremy Corbyn, a longtime supporter of the Palestinians, became party leader in 2015.

    Corbyn’s opponents say criticism of Israel by some Labour members — especially those who joined after Corbyn took the helm — has strayed over the line into anti-Semitism and claim the party has not taken the issue seriously.

    The party condemned the BBC documentary, broadcast Wednesday night, saying it contained “deliberate and malicious representations.” It alleged the former staffers who took part had “personal and political axes to grind.”

    “We completely reject any claim that the Labour Party is anti-Semitic,” the party said in a statement. “The Labour Party at all levels is implacably opposed to antisemitism and is determined to root out this social cancer from our movement and society.”

    But many Labour lawmakers expressed dismay at the allegations.

    Legislator Pat McFadden tweeted that the program was “powerful and shocking. Huge bravery shown by the young people who spoke out.”

    Colleague Jess Phillips said on Twitter that the claims made in the program were “worse than I expected. The Labour party response tells me that they don’t care.”

    Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said anti-Semitism was “a sickness in our party” that had to be dealt with.

    Watson told the BBC there was a feeling “that there’s almost a permissive culture that people can use anti-Jewish, racist language both in our meetings and to each other on social media. And we’ve failed to address that properly.”

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    1. Id trust our Yidden here with Korbyn over Netanyahu anytime. He was always kind to us. Its all hyped up by the Israelis so they can blame Korbyn for “their” blatant antisemitism. Time to face the Zionist lies.

    2. this is what schumer and engel will leave the Dems like as they both refuse to deal with omar, tlaib and sarsour, these dinosours will be gone within a decade but the anti semites average all 37 years old and are Islamic.

    3. #3,4,5, FYI, Im a conservative orthodox Jew. Never a liberal. Always on the conservative side but with Korbyn u all got it wrong. I definitely disagree w his politics but to bash him as an antisemite is all a Zionist thing so Jews should emigrate to Israel. Its stirring up trouble as they always do best.

      Think for yourself. Dont cut copy paste what the Israelis breathe.

      • Stupido he is a hamas supporting scumbag hamas are Jew haters and so is corbyn and the rest of the liberals in the UK they support the people who want to wipe out Israel and kill all the Jews living there and you support him feh.


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