West Palm Beach, FL – City Hopes ‘Baby Shark’ Song Will Drive Homeless From Park


    West Palm Beach, FL – Officials in West Palm Beach are hoping a continuous loop of children’s songs played throughout the night will keep homeless people from sleeping in a city park.

    West Palm Beach parks and recreation director Leah Rockwell tells the Palm Beach Post they’re trying to discourage people from camping out along the glass-walled Lake Pavilion. She says the pavilion rakes in some $240,000 annually from events.

    The loop of “Baby Shark” and “Raining Tacos” is a temporary fix to keep homeless people off the patio. Rockwell says the city wants to formalize hours for the park, which should make trespassing laws easier to enforce.

    Illaya Champion tells the Post “it’s wrong” to chase people away with music. He says he’ll still sleep there, but “it’s on and on, the same songs.”

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      • In Saudi Arabia, where you live, the authorities don’t “help” those homeless drug and alcohol users; in fact, such behavior is not tolerated in Saudi Arabia. Are we supposed to feel guilty, because deviants choose to abuse drugs and alcohol, and engage in criminal activity, and become homeless? In many cities, it is impossible to walk down a street, without these characters aggressively panhandling and threatening pedestrians, as well as engaging in unsanitary activities.


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