Washington – Omar Says She Won’t Stop Criticizing Trump


    Rep. Ilhan Omar was greeted Wednesday by more than a hundred supporters cheering "Welcome Home Ilhan" as she arrived home to MSP Airport. This in the wake of increased attacks from the president and chants of "Send her back" at a rally Wednesday.     ] GLEN STUBBE • glen.stubbe@startribune.com   Thursday, July 18, 2019Washington – Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar says she isn’t backing down in her criticism of President Donald Trump.

    The freshman Democrat says she’s going to “continue to be a nightmare to this president because his policies are a nightmare to us.”

    A defiant Omar spoke to a crowd of supporters who greeted her at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Thursday night as she returned from Washington. The Somali-American has been targeted this week by President Donald Trump who has questioned her patriotism. On Wednesday, Trump’s supporters chanted “Send her back” at a rally in North Carolina. Omar arrived in the U.S. as a child when her family fled violence.

    Omar’s supporters held signs saying “End racism now” and “I stand with Ilhan.” She told them she was not deterred: “We are not frightened. We are ready.”

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    1. This piece of unmitigated jew hating drake needs to go back to Somalia, we don’t need her poisoning the USA & turning it into Somalia.. Show some respect for the Office of President. a filthy towel head if there ever was one!

      • We know, hashomer, we know. Your trump derangement syndrome have been very obvious in every obsessed comment you make about him, try to get help, you’re really not well in the mind.

        • Trump doesn’t just have a few supporters; he got about half the votes. If he were the next Hitler, you’d know it by now, and you’d be scrambling to get the heck out of the country, rather than sitting here posting witless comments.

    2. So sad that so many people in the United States are so ignorant and so stupid. The irony of it; that her supporters are carrying signs that say “End racism now”; I wonder if Ms. Omar’s marriage to her brother will be prosecuted, or covered by the mainstream media.

    3. This is still a free country, or so they say; therefore, she has a right to criticize the President………. But, he had better not criticize her or he will be labeled a racist.

    4. (Gateway Pundit) – After several years of avoiding the subject — on Tuesday the Minneapolis Star-Tribune published a report on Ilhan Omar, her tax fraud crimes, her illegal use of campaign funds to cover travel costs and touched on her alleged marriage to her younger brother.
      Investigative Journalist David Steinberg who has been covering the incredible story for years commented on the report today.
      much of the information has already been reported… by David.
      Ben is correct.
      Worse, it seems the @StarTribune made a perfectly irrational decision here: To try to rebuild trust with readers by:
      1) Whitewashing its 3 years of failure on Omar, and
      2) Not crediting the 3 reporters whose work they essentially steal here.
      The Strib is months if not years behind other publications, in a bid to retain its legitimacy and dignity now that it’s been revealed that Team Omar sought to kill any stories the Strib might run in the past detailing allegations of substantial criminality
      The marriage certificate between her and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi has his birthdate as April 4, 1985.
      David Steinberg reported at PJ Media:
      According to official student enrollment records archived by St. Paul Public Sch

    5. (Gateway Pundit) – David Steinberg released his latest report on controversial Rep. Ilhan Omar on Thursday at PowerLineblog.com.
      According to Steinberg there is credible evident that Ilhan Omar and her family changed their name to illegally enter the United States back in 1995.
      .And since that time Ilhan Omar as an adult continued to defy US law. According to Steinberg Rep. Omar committed at least eight instances of perjury going back to 2009. The charges could carry up to 40 years of prison time or deportation.
      Obviously, Ilhan Omar has no regard for US law and yet here she is representing Minnesota in the US Congress and a sitting member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
      David Steinberg reported today on Ilhan’s criminal activity.
      She obviously has no problem with lying on federal documents.
      Please read the verified evidence below — and read it alongside the three years of verified evidence published by Scott Johnson, Preya Samsundar, and myself . The answers to those questions about 2009 appear to give probable cause to investigate Omar for eight instances of per

      • YEP and The Republican President, Republican FBI, Republican Senate refuses to indict her a Democrat just like they let Obama a Democrat give 150 Billion to Iran and Hillary killed 37 people. And than you woke up and the REALITY is that the Republicans so far indicted 32 people for colluding with Russia to help elect Trump some are in Jail some hide in Russia and Hillary and Omar is National Hero.

    6. David Steinberg concludes his report with this list of possible crimes committed by Ilhan Omar.

      Consider the disturbingly inadequate evidence used to obtain FISA warrants on members of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Consider that Democratic representatives have demanded that Attorney General William Barr release grand jury testimony — itself an illegal act.

      Yet here we have:

      Verifiable UK and U.S. marriage records
      Verifiable address records
      Time-stamped, traceable, archived online communications (Convictions and settlements based upon social media evidence are commonplace, Anthony Weiner being a notable example)
      Background check confirmations of SSNs and birthdates
      Archived court documents signed under penalty of perjury
      Photos which can be examined to rule out digital manipulation
      The 2019 Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board investigation, which found Omar filed illegal joint tax returns with a man who was not her husband in at least 2014 and 2015
      Three years’ of evidence published across many articles — none of which has been shown to be incorrect, or have even been challenged with contradictory evidence from Rep. Omar or any other source

    7. if you notice its all unions supporting her just like in Europe BDS is supported by unions, again AIPAC the hack filled enterprise is caught off guard.


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