Monticello – Vile Anti-Semite Goes On Hitler-Like Rant, And Asks To Be Made Famous [VIDEO]


    Monticello – A man driving a pickup truck in Sullivan County, went on a vile anti-Semitic rant recently, and the videos have since gone viral.

    At least three videos have been making their way around social media, showing a man and his wife saying the most horrific things about Jews, as a Jewish man filmed the entire episode.

    The man claimed in one video that the Jewish driver cut him off, but VIN has no way of confirming if that actually occurred or not. Either way, the response by this hater and his wife is nothing short of disgusting neo-Nazi talk.

    The videos went so viral, that Blaise Gomez of News12 says that they will be carrying a full story about this on Wednesday night at 5:00 pm.

    Among some of the things the man says are “Go back to Brooklyn. To all you EXPLETIVE non-tax-paying EXPLETIVE….your whole EXPLETIVE religion…take that….. EXPLETIVE… post that on the Internet…that you guys are EXPLETIVE.. that you don’t pay your taxes… you live on EXPLETIVE welfare….you dirty nasty people….you ruined the whole place…you drive like EXPLETIVE…you in-breeding EXPLETIVE…

    A nasty comment claiming that Jews are all pedophiles was thrown in by the man as well.

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    1. No one should be surprised.This is the view towards Jews from most Goyim.

      They can show you nice but the second you do something wrong even mistakenly they are ready to kill you. It doesn’t take much for someone who does not have a Torah to to get enraged like a tiger ready to kill and kill.

      Naftuli Moster’s desire is that Torah observing Jews to be like this.

      Baruch (hu) eloheinu shebaranu lichvodo, vehivdilanu min hatoyim, venatan lanu Torat emet, ve’chayei olam natah betocheynu.

    2. well the media loves other anti semites like omar, tlaib, Farrakhan, Sharpton, Obama so why not him. I cannot say everything he said is a lie, considering I have driven in Willy and BP and Neturei Karta/Satmar (same thing) are notorious for welfare scandals, this low life sheygitz is only saying stuff that he has seen, experienced or read. But again he is no worse than Omar, the leader of the Dem party.

      • #4 triumphinwhitehouse,

        I do not know your affiliation but it seems like you are an ex chassid or better you probably are Modern Orthodox.

        Satmar or any Chassidic sect has nothing to be ashamed of from anyone in the MO community.
        There is so much Shmutz in the MO community starting from notable Rabbis down to the the regular folks. Just don’t get me started saying names!

        • right everything by hasidim is perfect, no abuse of little children, everyone is gainfully employed, i guess that explains why neturei karta /satmardont want moshiach and ally with jew haters. ignorance is trully bliss in kj and willy and ramallah

        • He doesn’t have to be an ex chossid or modern orthodox to have this opinion, I as a chossid hold the same opinion, Satmar/Neturei karta are a disgrace with their behavior and are responsible for a certain percentage in the rise of anti-semitism around New York.

          • Ur a despicable self hating Jew! Satmar? Why? Cuz of their anti Zionists beliefs? So u can respectfully disagree with them.
            But may I ask u if u know who brought packages to the hospital of my unfortunate next door neighbor thats here with no family in the ICU and is an unaffiliated Jew?! YOU? NO. The Satmar anti Zionist scum. They did. And so beautifully and peacefully. No discrimination.
            So reserve your hate and dont bash people you dont even know.
            Better you never know them as chesed only comes from the hated chasids.
            I bet one of ur family members or someone you know has benefited from them already. Shame on u!

      • You are the Jewish counterpart to the lowlife goy. Self haters are even more vile…our enemies from within are the worst. Do teshuva, it’s the 3 weeks and stop badmouthing Jews! Feh.

        • its wrong to badmouth people who march on Shabbos with anti Semites, who meet with Arafat, Ahmanijad and others? It must be Purim with everything vahanapachu where opposing self hating Jews like Neturei Karta/Satmar is bad.

          • Unbelievable how a news item of a non-jew cursing out a jew went from a Jew like you badmouthing frum Jews. Comes to show you how far hate can lead to.
            Time for you to look in the mirror and do Teshuva.

            Have an urge to talk Loshon Hara? The Chofetz Chaim tell us exactly on whom we are not allowed and on whom we must talk.

          • Since you guys claim militant Zionism doesn’t harm Jews because the Arabs hate us regardless, then you should see no harm in NK and their marches.

    3. To the guy disseminating this video: Don’t think you will win brownie points or sympathy from the general public by publicizing this. Many (most) non-jews share the view of this person, but are only reticent to share their view with others due to social stigma. Once the view gets popularized , you will find that other like minded haters will find a common voice and the social stigma will be broken.

      The better (smarter) thing to have done is to either ignore (or if you did cut him off, apologize) roll-up your window and drive off.

      We are our own worst enemy.

    4. He forgot to mention , as they always do …. the $$$ that those “dirty nasty people ,who live on welfare ,& don’t pay their taxes” …is what keeps the Catskills going for the other 10 months of the year !!!!

      • So what that we spend money there. Doesn’t give someone a right to drive and act like an idiot. Really, Who could blame them for being that angry? Any frum jew that lives out of town that goes to Brooklyn, Lakewood or the Catskills, is also very taken aback and even shaken up by the disgustingrous driving habits and manners of many of the city yidden, so certainly so to a got. You should act as a guest over there and not like you own the place !!! So maybe they do hate us, but the way that “frum”Jews act is what brings that hate out. It’s one chillul Hashem after another. We can do better!!

    5. So the schlumpf who took the video didn’t defend himself or get his license plate? As long as frum Yidden act like chickens they will get pushed around. If an Italian or Black was talked to or threatened like this the guy in the truck would be UNDER THE TRUCK. In the ZIONIST STATE the guy would be dead.

    6. Jews are supposed to be a ‘light unto nations’ and not only NOT cause any chillul hashem c”v but on the contrary to create a KIDDUSH HASHEM.

      The challenge here is, how do/can we fix this. How do we portray to the world that we Jews are exactly the opposite of this shoitah’s rants, how can we show that Jews are loving and a caring People.

      What would it take to show that we Jews are a G-DLY People and are truly worthy of being (the) CHOSEN !!!

    7. It all stems from the top. These people see the newest members of congress make anti semetic attacks and are commended for voicing their opinion. They must wonder why they are any different.

    8. וַיֹּאמֶר הַמֶּלֶךְ, מַה-לִּי וְלָכֶם בְּנֵי צְרֻיָה; כי (כֹּה) יְקַלֵּל, וכי (כִּי) יְהוָה אָמַר לוֹ קַלֵּל אֶת-דָּוִד, וּמִי יֹאמַר, מַדּוּעַ עָשִׂיתָה כֵּן.

      אוּלַי יִרְאֶה יְהוָה, בעוני (בְּעֵינִי); וְהֵשִׁיב יְהוָה לִי טוֹבָה, תַּחַת קִלְלָתוֹ הַיּוֹם הַזֶּה.

    9. Esav soneh es yaakov. That is the reason for the anti semitism.
      It is ironic how for 100 posotive things that a yid does. The goy will focus on one bad thing. And you know what…? All of you haters give them all the justification they need. And you don’t stop there… you even state that they deserve it. You assume that if the goy is cursing him out he must have a good reason. Because otherwise why would he do it? Klal yisrael stand beside your brothers. Because when we distance yourself from him you will find that you are both alone. Do you think there were people justifying Hitlers hate speech.
      Ahavas yisrael goes a long way in protecting us. It’s the 3 weeks. It’s a good time to work on it.

      • Wow! Excellent comments, you said everything I was thinking! The lack of ahavas yisroel here is despicable, with no care to The 3 Weeks and why we lost the beis hamikdash is shameful! You’re an inspiration!

    10. I am a Moroccan Jew with no affiliation to any Ashkenazi sect. But I am trying to figure out why are there people attacking other Hasidic sects? The satmar are known for their chesed. Have we forgotten who runs the bikur cholim rooms in New York area hospitals?

    11. To # 29, While we could work on improving our driving habits etc., overall our behavior is good. Some things are just cultural differences (uninhibited way of speaking/doing things…) and not trying to be impolite. In general, we don’t engage in drugs, rowdy parties with alcohol etc. We are for the most part, law abiding citizens. The same cannot be said for other ethnic groups.

    12. I think it’s time that some major MO foundation do a study as to why the goyim view us all that way. Yes we have a few sinners among us, but why does that cause us all to be portrayed that way? How can we change the narrative?
      What I am sure they will find is that the goyim hate us regardless, and this is just a self justification for why, but even without all the reasons, they will hate us regardless. There were studies done that found that people who never encountered a jew in their lives also felt hate against them.
      I don’t know what preceded this event, but regardless of what he did, he should not be blamed. The goy obviously felt this way and only chose to express it after feeling slighted. And my guess is that the “cutting him off” was nothing more than an aggressive turn, which is done by anyone looking to enter traffic. At some intersections, you cannot enter traffic any other way.
      The fact that we are bashing our own people, that is a true chilul hashem. We need to show the goyim we are united as a nation.
      The VosIzNeias comments have become it’s own ground for spreading hate. I have generally tried to avoid reading them and stick to the article. I wish there was a way to turn off viewing the comments.

    13. Unfortunately, I have seen and experienced cases where these frum people not only possess horrible driving habits, but also show no derech eretz, to other people.
      One time, I was on Avenue L walking towards E. 32nd St., with some luggage, as I was preparing to load the luggage in my car, for the long drive home. A frum kid about 17 years old was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, and refused to get out of my way, to let me pass, until I had words with him, which were not pleasant. He just glared at me. Another time, I was coming into a Kosher restaurant on 42nd st., in Manhattan, and was having trouble opening a door, as I was pushing someone in a wheelchair. The zoftig frum employees of that restaurant saw my predicament, but refused to get off their tuchas to assist me. In this case, I don’t know why the person taking the video didn’t leave, as the person in the car, could have possessed a gun.


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