Bernie Sanders Accuses Washington Post Of Being Biased Against Him


New Hampshire – Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accused The Washington Post of tilting its coverage against him because of his criticism of Amazon and its owner, Jeff Bezos, who also owns the newspaper.

During a stump speech in New Hampshire, the Vermont Jewish senator railed against the online megastore and Bezos, who bought the Post in 2013. Sanders has long criticized Amazon for paying little in federal taxes and believes that his public stand against the company has translated into intentionally negative coverage.

“I talk about that all the time and then I wonder why the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, doesn’t write particularly good articles about me,” Sanders, who is among the leaders in a crowded field of Democratic hopefuls, said Monday. “I don’t know why. But I guess maybe there’s a connection. I guess maybe we helped raise the minimum wage at Amazon to 15 bucks an hour, as well. Maybe that’s why the Washington Post is not endeared to me. I don’t know.”


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