Orthodox Jewish Man Attacked With A Stone In Crown Heights, Twice in one Week

NYPD vehicles are pictured in New York on Monday, Aug. 14, 2006. (AP / Mary Altaffer)

Crown Heights – For the second time in one week, a Jewish man was viciously attacked with a stone in Crown Heights.

At approximately 5:30 PM today, an Orthodox Jewish delivery man was in his truck on Brooklyn Avenue near Prospect Place.

As the truck stopped in traffic, he was approached by a group of African American youths, who hurled a stone at the driver side window, COLlive reports. The stone broke the window, and struck the man in the eye, and cutting his face.

The victim opted to not go to the hospital, but he filed a police report.

A police official told COLlive.com that the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force will be investigating the incident as a possible bias crime.

As previously reported on VIN, Rabbi Avraham Gopin was hospitalized with a broken nose, missing teeth, stitches on his head and lacerations on his body, after getting brutally attacked with a brick Tuesday morning.

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  1. Thank you mayor deblasio, for plunging our city back to the Dinkins era, maybe you are proud of iy, but it’s getting disgusting out there, crime is getting rampant, what kind of leader are you??

  2. it is time for Shomrim to organize patrol and beat the $h!t out of these non white trash! Only when they get their bones broken badly will their friends decide it is not worth it to attack a Jew…..

    Kach oseem!

  3. if its the 70s all over lets treat it that way , they dont have parents that could report to them what happened in their days when a punk like this got caught so its time to restart the engine , waiting for the politicians and NYPD or else to handle it expect to be hit hard b4 that happens and an incompetent Mayor that courted the Jewish votes but totally forgot about protecting them and his close Jewish Liaisons are worth for photo ops only .

    Mr. Gov roll in the national guards .
    time to get the Guardian Angles back on the streets here local . bring them home from overseas we need ur help.

  4. Where is the shomrim? It’s time for organized full time patrols
    Or the chaptesm tactics should be put back into place and an app should be developed where one can press and the nearest people should rush over
    Shabbos will need to have patrols roving the neighborhoods the hours people are out
    Just saying we need to do for ourselves and not depend on the Pd as it’s impossible for them to be everywhere b4 a crime otherwise it wouldn’t have occurred

  5. In a few weeks were going to see the full blown pics of the askunim , community leaders, Liasons, Mayors office sitting around the table with NYPD brass discussing the “upcoming holiday” season and security…… TRASH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! . I still have last years pic and 2 yrs ago too
    whats with the year round discussion of protecting the community ….. we can handle Succkos on our own we all walk around then with the Lulev and can do the job .
    Rudy r u in town?

  6. there should be an outcry and raise our voices in front of city hall and get some attention , u bet ull see some action following……
    i dont mean placing cops for 2 days at each corner pretending to secure the community and then disappear in the dark of night like nothing was.


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