North Dakota Synagogue Invites Homeless Lutheran Church To Share Worship Space

Temple Beth El in Fargo, N.D., above, offered a home to a Lutheran church in need. (Facebook)

Fargo – A Reform synagogue in Fargo, North Dakota, invited a Lutheran church there to share its worship space.

The invitation from Temple Beth El came after St. Mark’s Lutheran church found itself without a regular home for the third time in six years, local news station KVRR reported. The arrangement began last month, but the two congregations held a dedication service and potluck on Sunday.

The church will play rent to the synagogue.

“Talk about the wandering Jews. They’ve been the wandering Lutherans,” Temple Beth El Rabbi Janeen Kobrinsky told KVRR. “They looked for like 47 or 48 places before they found us. And we, our whole board, everyone, was just like, ‘Yes, let’s do it. We’re on board,’”

The temple board voted in July to invite the church to share its building and sanctuary.

“Historically, Christians and Jews have not always had a good relationship,” Pastor Joe Larson said. “The church has done many things to hurt the Jewish community, so for them to be so welcoming is really incredible.”

St. Mark’s and Temple Beth El plan to work together on interfaith programs such as serving the homeless and helping refugees, according to the report.

(JTA/Marcy Oster)

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    • Please make it clear when you are responding to a Facebook comment. Many of us cannot see the comment you are replying to, so it looks like you are replying to nobody.

  1. You bring up comments that were made 500 years ago. We aren’t living in the middle ages any more.
    It’s a nice thing that they did-it’s called being neighborly. This is Fargo, North Dakota not Monsey, NY.

    • The point about Martin Luther, who broke from the Catholic church long ago was that a Lutheran church was meeting in a reform temple. Reform practice is so far removed from the Judaism that Luther criticized, I don’t think he would even recognize it as Judaism. However a Unitarian church would be a better fit for a reform temple.
      If the reforms observe Hoshana Rabbah or the2nd day of Pesach, both which are Sundays, there would be a conflict.

    • being a real Jew ( or I should say a Jew that follows the Bible the right way) there are rules to follow it’s not a matter of being nice or not nice the rules apply anywhere in the world if they want to be nice they could rent them a space in the parking lot to put up a tent or whatever would work for them. but being this is a temple I guess anything goes

  2. what do you expect from Deform Jews? They will help them in putting up their cross and preparing their treif food in the temple’s kitchen and who knows even inter-marry…..

  3. In other news, after the Orthodox Duluth Minn shul Adas Israel burned down,
    Pastor David Carlson of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, three blocks east, empathized with the immediate plight of Adas Israel Congregation, and also offered space for the congregation to worship.


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