There’s A Buzz In The Air


There’s a buzz in the air.

Today is the day that yidden from every spectrum across the world are joining forces.  Today, the nation of rachmanim is coming out in full support of cholei yisroel.

Today is the Refuah Helpline Key Campaign.

Today, every dollar donated will be matched.

Today, the 2 million dollar goal will be reached by am yisroel.

Klal yisroel is no stranger to suffering.  The medical crises that sweep through our community are complex and need the expertise of professionals.  Refuah Helpline comes through in full support of each call that passes their busy phone system. That is why the support of Refuah Helpline and all they accomplish is a high priority on the list of the generous contributors.  It’s what brings out the masses to cast their donations.

Refuah Helpline saves lives every day.  And that is a mission worth contributing to.

Every member of klal yisroel knows someone that benefitted from the myriad of services of Refuah Helpline.  Add up all those “someones” and you get an uptick of 400 daily inquiries to Refuah Helpline.  Inquiries then turn into guidance, solutions, support and direction.

That is what has brought out klal yisroel in unified support of Refuah’s 2 million dollar goal.

Refuah Helpline can’t afford to refuse any caller.

Every call is another life waiting to be saved.


For 36 hours, you hold the key to saving lives.

For 36 hours, every dollar you donate will be matched.

In 36 hours, the 2 million dollar goal will be reached.

Donate Now.

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