Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah: IDF Has Turned Into A ‘Hollywood Army’

A still image from a video broadcast by Israeli media shortly after a Hezbollah attack in northern Israel on Sept. 1, 2019. The video, which later turned out to have been faked by the Israeli military, shows a "wounded Israeli soldier" being evacuated by helicopter. (Source: Screenshot)

Jerusalem – Israel’s response to Hezbollah’s attack earlier this month displayed the weakness of the Israel Defense Forces, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Tuesday.

After the Lebanese terrorist organization fired several rockets at an IDF vehicle near the Israel-Lebanon border on Sept. 1, Israeli news media showed footage of what appeared to be two wounded soldiers being evacuated by helicopter to Haifa’s Rambam Hospital. The footage later turned out to have been a decoy operation designed to fool Hezbollah and buy time for the IDF to strike Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.

During a speech commemorating a Shi’ite religious festival, Nasrallah said the deception proved Israel’s weakness and encouraged Hezbollah to strike more Israeli targets in the future.

“The legendary and invincible [IDF] has turned into a Hollywood army, acting in movies, because it has become weak, debilitated, feeble and cowardly,” said Nasrallah.

“You are saying to us: ‘Next time, don’t strike one military vehicle and don’t strike only in one place. Instead, hit more than one military vehicle and hit more than one place.’ We are not going to see anymore Hollywood films,” he added.

Immediately following the Sept. 1 attack, the terrorist organization boasted that several Israeli soldiers had been killed, having apparently been taken in by the IDF’s deception.

Nasrallah has vowed to destroy Israel and “American hegemony and presence in our region” through a war between Israel and Iranian proxies. As Iran deepens its military capabilities through its proxies in Lebanon and Syria, Israel has also expressed its readiness to do anything necessary to undermine Hezbollah’s efforts.


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  1. While Nazzrula is just blowing smoke, there is a problem when a fighting force, particularly its commanders, start believing their own PR. In my opinion, The present-day IDF isn’t up to the standards of the IDF of ’67 or ’73. They’ve been told so many times that they’re invincible that there is a tendency to lose the edge. The IDF cannot assume victory in the next war(CVS), they will have to earn it.
    One of the things I see is that there appear to be too many “Jobniks” compared to combat and combat support troops (low “tooth to tail ratio”). Many, if not most, of the admin, medical and technical jobs could be handled by civilian organizations, leaving more of the soldiers available for actual fighting. For instance the German Bundeswehr has it’s vehicle (including armor) maintenance performed by the manufacturers, I.E. They take their Mercedes trucks to the Mercedes dealer for service. Israel, like Germany, has short lines of communication and some local manufacture. They could do something similar.

  2. The Arabs are good at one thing, and one thing only – talking. Flapping their yaps. They aren’t very good at human rights or forming democratic governments, they have a huge problem with women and they are not very tolerant of others, but boy can they talk.


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