Woman Assaulted at Flatbush Target Store, Attacker Repeatedly Pummels her While Recording Video


BROOKLYN: A woman was assaulted Monday afternoon at a Target department store in Flatbush, NY, after the  woman allegedly reached for an item in the store and extended her hand over the attacker’s daughter without saying “excuse me”.

The woman became extremely agitated and started hurling verbal abuse at the woman. She then threatened to “knock her head off”.

If that wasn’t enough, the woman can be seen hitting and attacking the woman who was capturing everything on camera.

According to initial reports, the NYPD reportedly refused to press charges and instead they actually assisted the attacker in filing harassment suit against the victim who was was assaulted.

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      • You’re actually wrong. The police know that legally she invaded the black women’s daughter’s personal space. In the eyes of the law she was defending her daughter. Especially after this other woman escalated by antagonizing the woman. This is called justification under New York law.

        • there is no law protecting your “personal space”. and if there is be sure to provide a source for it.
          there are laws against physical assault. which is what happened in this particular abortion of justice.

          • so…there is a law about making unwanted physical contact with someone, which is what that woman did when she invaded that child’s space and PUSHED her out of the way. if she would have apologized it would de-escalated the situation and made it an accident, but clearly her entitlement showed that she was ok with what she did. Therefore, the mothers reaction was considered a response to her ‘attack’.

          • the lady did not push the child. you know she didn’t.
            you just need something, just one LITTLE thing for you to justify your stance beyond “SHE GOT THE SAME SKIN TONE AS ME”, so you make stuff up.
            nobody has the right to attack anyone in a civilized society. quit with the petty tribalism and hop on board for the big win.

  1. Painful to watch. The woman is overreacting but the frum woman is behaving completely out of boundaries. The social norm would have been to have apologized after being told to say excuse me. This could have been an opportunity and instead she kept firing up the woman. I’m sorry but this is embarrassing for the frum community. We are supposed to behave as Royalty…. that doesn’t mean as snobs. That means lowering yourself for some one else who has shortcomings. Being mevater would have helped.

  2. @Bubby Shirley .
    She should of what??? Are sick ??
    Theses ****** are violent People and they need to pay the price ! Not keep playing the victim! What a shame !

  3. I watched the video, and it appears that the woman behind the camera, escalated the problem, with the woman seen on camera. I’ve been in situations where some character has either reached over my head, or my wife’s head at the grocery, because they don’t have patience to wait until we have left the area, in order to retrieve an item from a shelf. It is not a pleasant situation, and the person doing that has no manners. Hence, I can understand the woman becoming agitated, especially when her child was involved. The woman behind the camera, right or wrong, should have swallowed her pride, and apologized, or at least should have excused herself. The cell phone camera user saw (or should have realized) that she was dealing with an agitated, potentially violent individual; instead of ending it peacefully, and let her leave the store, she egged her on repeatedly, with remarks which made the person with the child even more agitated. She is lucky that the other woman didn’t have a knife or other weapon, as there is no doubt that she would use it, judging by the swipes or smacks that she took at the woman behind the camera. I once had a Japanese karate teacher who told us that “it is better to run away and not to become involved in a fight, than to fight”. In these kinds of situations, there is no winner. In fact, if they had both become involved in a physical altercation, the cops would have arrested both of them, with a cross complaint.

  4. In the 70 precinct which includes target by the junction the commanding officer is a affirmative action hiree named David wall who was previously at the 60 in boro park who hates yidden. Oneill put him there to stick it to us. The regular donut eaters follow his lead

  5. The frum women may be right or may be wrong. But facts are klal yisroel is compassionate and we’d never hit others bec they don’t say excuse me. This is a goyisha shvratza thing. BH klal yisroel is such fine people.

  6. The “frum” women comes out looking worse than the lunatic lady. Every one thinks that if someone looks at you askance that you need to escalate it to the federal level and waste resources of the police and others. Whether the woman reached over the child or not, if the problem could have been solved with an “excuse me” that would hand been the way to go. Just walking away would have worked too.

    • Its very important to continue along the lines of the Jewish woman. Her husband is the one who pushes everyone out of the way when he is in a Simcha because he wants to shake the hosts hand. You are irrelevant. its her selfish disrespectful arrogance that is important.

  7. Sick shucher chaleriya!

    How many times has it happened that you’re in a store, standing next to someone, you reach out and grab something of the shelf only to get grief from the nutcase standing next to you?

    It has happened to me and for no good reason whatsoever other than the person was clearly a koo koo head. Here too, the shucher is a koo koo, a wacko, two fries short of a happy meal, etc.

    • She was in that woman’s daughters space. She was rude and antagonizing. She was gaslighting that woman the whole time knowing you don’t get close to somebody else’s child like that. That’s why she was mad. She wasn’t crazy or overreacting she was protecting her daughter. And the woman didn’t even feel any remorse. So she got knocked upside her damn head. I bet she won’t pull that mess again.

  8. Right on! We Jews should be tired of being the victim. This lady stood up for herself and didnt let this woman push her around. I’m sure if it was the reverse, the Black lady wouldnt take nothing. WE need to stick up for ourselves, We already were sheep to the slaughter at one time

  9. All of you are idiots and have the “Jewish” syndrome.

    i don’t care what happened, laying a hand on another person is NEVER acceptable. The frum lady did not touch the kid! She may not know manners, but that is NOT an excuse to touch someone else.

    • We don’t know if the woman touched, bumped, or stepped on the child. Whatever the case, a mother has a right to protect her child. There are to many people that won’t even return a simple ‘Hello” when greeted. In my mind they are both wrong for escalating it to this point. And lest not forget, the mother stated if the woman had said “Excuse me” she would have moved her child out of the way. Common courtesy, common respect is what was missing in this incident… on both sides.

      • The other women clearly stated all she did was reach OVER the child. It may be rude, but does not justify assault! The child was not touched in ANY way per the video.

  10. She did very good !!! Kudos to her !! But be ready to fight !!! Kid is 3’2 and the Jewish lady reached over to take a shampoo 2 ft higher ?? Absolutely nothing wrong …. kids are not supposed to around in a store …
    and why the police didn’t file complaint??? That’s chutzpah

    • I’m not sure what “Jewish entitlement” you believe you have. But the black woman had the same right to take her kid to the store as the white woman. White people especially Jews are very rude and what she did was beyond rude. You don’t step over a person no matter the height for an item. It doesn’t hurt to use manners in today’s society. So yes I side with the mother and my mom would’ve done the same thing. You people believe from a systemic POV that you had it rough and are entitled to everything well newsflash black people had it worse than you in history and still have it worse than you in today’s America. So I’m happy NYPD sided with the mom and filed charges against that P.O.S woman!

  11. Whether the Jewish woman was right or wrong initially, she should’ve just apologized and walked away instead of provoking the other woman. She sounds like a toddler fighting back…

  12. on the contrary, the frum woman is overreacting but the colored one is completely out of boundaries. violating social norms is overreacting, hitting people is out of boundaries and a punishable offence

  13. Wow! We use “colored” in 2019?
    Also, in the United States we exercise personal space and consider anyone entering our personal space a threat— I am my child’s advocate and if you pose a threat I’m defending my child to the highest degree.. as would any mother. The police did the right thing. Kill your superiority complex and sense of entitlement.

    • @aniece, Yes we value our personal space as well we should, but this kid wasn’t threatened, and at most it was a lack of mannerisms on behalf of the Jewish woman, whereas the colored lady violated more than her opponents personal space, she hit her, and threatened her, obviously broke the law, so im not sure what set of rules you follow, but violating your personal space and making you feel uncomfortable isnt the only thing the world revolves around, maybe you should get off your liberal horse, and no the police did the very wrong thing, they should enforce the law and the law is quite clear here, oh and BTW when my fellow jew is threatened I will use the word colored, too bad madam

  14. Dear Editor:
    When I saw this article earlier today, the video was much longer and gave alot more context! How can a media source like yours change the context of things?! Are you impartial or not? Show the entire video and let people choose for themselves who’s right! In the original video it made the person videoing seem like she was the instigator. If it’s not a story, don’t post it, don’t make it seem more than it was; a two way confrontation

  15. You’re all sick, the frum lady was in shock, she didn’t grow up to hit strangers or to be hit by a stranger!!
    She took out her camera as proof of what was happening to her, and instead of hitting back she acted like a lady, and asked the animal ” so because i didn’t say excuse me, you’re hitting me?”
    I don’t see how that instigated or made anything worse!!
    If i was in the store the animal would have been missing some teeth.

    PS in today’s environment it’s a good idea to carry mace.

  16. What the heck is wrong with all you Jew haters?? The frum woman is innocent!
    The Dark colored one is nothing less then an animal resorting to violence to get her point across that it wasn’t respectful!! And hitting is? She is an empty brain animal who should be locked up today!
    This Frum woman should get a lawyer and sue how dare the police file a harassment against the frum woman and allow the black woman to walk away free?????This is like the city of Sedom

  17. Funny how people will violate your children and then play the victim when confronted by their poor behavior. Then, she antagonized her and questioned her parenting because she was defending her child. This is typical behavior. It happens too often. Clearly, the woman recording was the aggressor. NYPD didn’t press charges after reviewing the surveillance cameras.

  18. comment posted on another heimish website
    “All i can say is this video is on a goish website and just about EVERYONE said the black woman was in the wrong!
    no where in the Torah does it say if you get attacked apologize and run, stop blaming the victim. ”

    he has a good point, if we as a human make a mistake and didn’t say excuse me, doesn’t give someone the right to start attacking us, but what’s worse is lack of support from her brothers and sisters here, sad

  19. Sam, the term “colored” went out with the term “Negro”, back in the 1960’s; have you been in a coma, since that time? Incidentally, if you’ll notice my prior posting, I did not refer to the race or religion of either the woman in front of the camera, or the one in back of the camera. It was totally irrelevant to the confrontation, which occurred, as if was just between two females, who got into a heated argument with each other. It should have ended peacefully, and the person behind the camera was fortunate that it ended without serious injury. Incidentally, according to the NYS Penal Code, the aggrieved woman behind the camera can claim harassment, but simple assault, in that case, is a stretch. Unfortunately, this is the way road rage incidents start. Usually, it can begin with something very trivial, and end in disaster.

  20. If your child is in a store and a stranger gets too close and reaches over the child’s head wouldn’t you be upset? Why was the child ignored? Why didn’t the lady with the cell phone say “pardon me I just need to grab a bottle of shampoo” and then move along her happy way? MANNERS, RESPECT, COMMUNICATION – they go a long way. She should have used those social graces she allegedly was taught. No exceptions if you’re truly held at a higher standard.

    • Violence is not acceptable. Also, the correct response to someone not saying “excuse me” is a sarcastic “why yes, of course you may”.

      Also, nobody asked to be held to a higher standard. Everyone should be held to an equal standard.

  21. Regarding courtesy and respect, has anyone noticed the rude manners of both adults and children at a kiddush, luncheon, or other simcha where food is being served. Unfortunately, many people act very badly, displaying a total lack of manners. For example, even if they are aware that someone would like some food, they will deliberately take their sweet time excessively filling up their plates, and being totally oblivious to the other person in in back of them. Also, they will shove their plates in front of a person, or talk to a friend, blocking people who would like to get some food. They could care less, as they have this attitude of entitlement. Sometimes,they will even cut in line. Many times, I’ve seen people fressing, who should not be doing so, as they have large pippicks, and excessive fressing can be dangerous to their health. My point is that there is no derrech eretz at these events. One time, I went to a very large wedding reception in NJ, and proceeded to the smorgasbord table, where a person behind a counter, was giving out the various delicacies. Even though the people in my party were ahead of two other individuals who came in after us, those rude and obnoxious guests, deliberately gave the person at the counter their order, without even accounting for us standing there. They knew that we were waiting, as did the person serving the food. However, to paraphrase what Clark Gable stated at the end of “Gone With the Wind”, “Frankly, they didn’t give a d—“!

  22. Wow. That antagonizing women was definitely wrong. How about using manners, she should have said excuse me, its common curtesy. Two words! Instead, she decided to gaslight the situation. Talk about bully with no morals, making a fool of herself trying to play the victims. She should be ashamed of herself. Poor women and her child, neither of them deserved this.

  23. Not only did she invade that child’s space, it was her total disregard and dismissiveness that escalated the situation. She could care less how she made that child feel and that’s why black mom addressed her as she saw fit. Non people of color shop up in the worked with their privilege and therefore; think we’re suppose to ignore the behavior.

  24. I’m perplexed on how anyone saw the woman holding the camera as the victim, she could have walked away. And please stop getting on camera claiming to be Jewish and your victim. Historically the facts are your crying about being persecuted because you’re Jewish. ?
    Jesus (Revelation 1:14-15 that Jesus’s skin was a darker hue and that his hair was woolly in texture. The hairs of his head, “were white as white wool, white as snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace) he is a member of the tribe of Judah by lineage which were apart of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Revelation 5:5 also mentions the Lion of the tribe of Judah aka Jews. Stop playing victim because you alleged you are Jewish genetically, cut all the nonsense & the boo-hooing look at an original map of Africa the continent prior to Anglo-Saxons changing it to suit their version in the 1550s, this was done because that part of the world had been mix between Italians, Asians and Africans and therefore you have that particular look of people from Palestine of current, as justification on how people here in America who have dark hair and pale skin are part of that lineage. So false.
    In the end all these negative comments are nonsense because the very religion & ethnicity that the many hateful folks commenting are claiming as their own, ironically is summed up this way. – the very book Torah, that you read for worship was written by Moses who was born in Egypt all part of Africa, the very unified practices and the very words you speak disparaging are historically as dark as the woman that you all keep calling colored. You’re very own Jewish scholars can’t specifically define an actual date when white Jews came into existence. There’s no scientific evidence that the Jewish people were ever White it only became after the 1500 when things were written and they stated that the writer was Jewish, and the assumption was it a person of pale complexion. Not 6000 years ago under Adam and Eve nor definitely not 4.5 million years ago based on archaeologist findings of first woman in Ethiopia…
    And yes Ethiopia and Jerusalem we’re on the same continents which was Africa, there’s scientifically nothing and that time that would have ever been pale complected, it’s even described that Romans had olive skin.

  25. 1. I seriously doubt the police would ha e known she was jewish when she tried to file a report for assault.
    2. Police said smacking the phone out of her hand didnt count as assault.
    3. This woman has exposed herself as prejudiced and archaic in her use of the radicalised slur ‘coloured woman’. What century is she from?
    She doesn’t have the backing of the general public and the jewish community as a whole should distance themselves from a woman who tries to pull out a victim card whilst using racially offensive language.

  26. There is clearly more to this story. I find it interesting that most of the people here who are in defence of the Jewish woman refuse to acknowledge that this argument was started due to more than just the woman reaching over the child. The Jewish woman actually ended up harshly bumping into the child as well which may or may not have caused an Injury. This why the the police are allowing the black woman to file charges. The child was assaulted first, it may or may not have been intentional, but physical contact between the child and the Jewish woman occurred first. The black woman became enraged by this unexcused contact and assaulted the Jewish woman after she continued to film her. Filming on public property is legal. Filming on private property without explicit permission is illegal. Target is private property. The Jewish woman can most likely be sued for filming the black woman. Let it also be known that the Jewish woman was asked to leave the private property several times by store personnel, but she refused to (this is clearly seen in the video). She could have been arrested for trespassing. The Jewish woman got away with a slap on the wrist and a bruised ego, but she was just as much in the wrong as the black woman. They both could have been arrested and charged. For those of you who are using this video to stoke racial tensions and for justification of your racist beliefs, shame on you. God is watching you.


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