Raise your hand if you know a girl who stayed at Aishel- Reena’s Place


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Chances are you know someone who did.Or know someone who knows someone…you know why?

Because Reena’s place is for our girls- your neighbor, your cousin’s friend, your daughters ex-classmate.

She might have served you in the coffee shop,been your favorite babysitter,you might remember her from when she was young and innocent it’s a place that takes in girls with maybe an extra piercing, and provocative but inside they’re like anyone else.

A place that treats them with dignity and hope.
so that they can become like everyone else.
They can stay for a week, a month a year soak in the support get a taste of homelike everyone else has. So that they don’t become a statistic

Help Aishel-Reena’ Place keep our doors open for the upcoming year!
So that more of our daughters can have a place to belong.


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